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Jan 31 · 4 min read

CannaProve and Applied Recognition announced a new partnership to advance the data quality for Cannabis revenues, compliance and branding.

TORONTO, ONTARIO — January 31, 2019 — CannaProve announces a partnership with Applied Recognition, a facial recognition technology company. This partnership marks the first of many announcements that will happen in the upcoming weeks to solidify CannaProve’s holistic vision of a new data infrastructure to enable profit optimization, easy compliance and brand management. CannaProve is looking for more partners to achieve its vision, if you’re an interested party schedule a call or a demo with us today. The partnership with Applied Recognition is an important step towards creating better standards of data quality, while protecting cannabis companies from the misuse of their products. The combined, comprehensive technology solution will heighten the ability to ensure that identities are authenticated securely throughout different transaction types during a cannabis product’s life cycle. In a world in which data has evolved to become the most valuable asset, it’s ultimately only as valuable as its quality. CannaProve will incorporate Applied Recognition’s facial recognition technology into its solution.

Mr. Glaude, founder of CannaProve sees this strategic partnership as being a pro-active move towards ensuring high data quality: “we’re excited to be working with Applied Recognition to ensure data entering our blockchain is top quality. Although a decentralized system can create immutability and security of data, if the quality of data being inputted into the blockchain is sub-par, so will be the outputs. The Cannabis industry is a highly regulated and compliance heavy sector. This means that being able to authenticate customers is crucial as it directly impacts a cultivator’s ability to do business. There are many use cases pertaining to using a person’s identity that can be done more securely using a blockchain.

Applied Recognition’s facial recognition technology solutions are engineered to be both accurate and practical, allowing organizations to upgrade to biometrics simply and inexpensively. CannaProve will make use of the facial recognition technology throughout the supply chain and in retail/delivery. Applied Recognition co-CEO Don Waugh recognizes the synergies between both projects and the innovative processes that will be created through both partners’ technologies.

“Our combined technology solution provides robust fraud protection at a critical juncture. The ongoing rise in data breaches that have compromised the personal identification information of millions of individuals have led to a dramatic increase in identity theft and fraud. This new partnership offers a pro-active solution to ensure that cannabis products are managed safely and with compliance” said Mr Waugh.

CannaProve, who recently announced the completion of a proof-of-concept of their product sees the future of asset transactions being driven by authenticating users through methods such as facial recognition and biometrics. Leveraging a blockchain to securely store proofs of these types of data will reduce friction in an industry that is poised to continue growing into new emerging markets.

We’re looking for seed to sale companies and cannabis cultivating companies to partner with for pilot projects. To learn more or to get a product demo, schedule a call with our team. We’d love to talk to you.


About CannaProve, Inc. — CannaProve is a software company with a blockchain-based supply chain system for the Cannabis industry. Through sets of API service layers, CannaProve’s modular interface enables cannabis supply chain participants to integrate their existing software applications to optimize revenue potential, compliance adherence, integrate to bar/QR codes and track complete provenance and chain of custody data. Founded on principles of revenue optimization and cost management, CannaProve leverages its deep knowledge of blockchain technologies for a user-rich, yet simple to implement system that enables supply chain participants to be agile and responsive to turbulent markets, while capturing maximum value. To learn more, visit

About Applied Recognition Inc. — Applied Recognition is a leader in face detection, recognition and authentication technology. Founded in 2005, Applied Recognition has developed an extensive portfolio of patents for facial recognition & indexing, and for enterprise-grade, biometric authentication technologies. Applied Recognition serves organizations that rely on biometrics to improve performance and security: financial services providers, IoT device manufacturers, and leading software publishers. Licensing is available for software development kits for Android, iOS, and major server technology platforms to support online identity verification and digital signature applications as well as for login/authentication use cases. ARI also offers Ver-ID Authenticator, enabling the addition of second-factor authentication to any enterprise IT access-control system. To learn more, visit

Northern Block

Northern Block is a blockchain product venture firm focused on creating the next generation of best-in-class custom software solutions.

Northern Block

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Northern Block is a boutique blockchain consulting firm building products and custom blockchain solutions.

Northern Block

Northern Block is a blockchain product venture firm focused on creating the next generation of best-in-class custom software solutions.

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