DocuSign Offering Built-in Integration with Ethereum

DocuSign’s recent announcement about offering a built-in integration with the Ethereum blockchain is significant.

The real value that public blockchains like Ethereum offer is censorship resistance. Through proper economic incentives and strong governance models, blockchains can become trusted sources of immutable data. What DocuSign did is not the most complex implementation, but it’s great for widespread user adoption of Ethereum and other related public blockchains. DocuSign is a major player in real estate and legal transaction verticals and has a large user base. The interaction with Ethereum will be handled by the back-end, which means users won’t know there’s an integration with a blockchain. But this is not important — the simple interaction with the blockchain is huge. It’s a great step for mass adoption of blockchain technologies.

It’s a perfect use case for using censorship resistant networks. Thumbs up to DocuSign for taking this step forward!