The Fundamentals of Mobile UX

This talk took place on 21 July 2015 at Sky@LeedsDock

Designing for mobile, whether that be apps or responsive web, can be tricky and often requires a different approach to understanding customers and overall usability. Mobile experiences are amplified to such a degree that you’ll really never know where a user is or what she’s doing.

If you’re new to mobile user experience design these fundamentals will help you take the first steps, breakaway from ‘just doing wireframes’ and guide you to design apps and responsive sites that bring real user value.


This can be found by following this link to YouTube.

Note: It has been auto-generated from YouTube and so is wildly inaccurate and in most cases you’ll just have to guess what on earth I’m talking about. It clearly doesn’t understand my dour northern accent, swearing, moaning or laughing at my own jokes.

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