Announcing Polygigs

We’ve launched a website for Polymer developers and employers to find each other called Polygigs.

Here at Northern Logic we’re huge fans of Web Components in general but Polymer especially.

Our history with Polymer goes back a few years to when I was working with Google on a few projects and by chance encountered Polymer while chatting with the Chrome team. Over the next two years I would build a few internal Polymer apps for them and fell in love with the workflow and what it would mean for the future of the Web.

It enabled an entirely new way of building front-end web applications in such a way that even large, complex ones could be broken down into totally isolated and smaller pieces. When you build an application this way it’s always a magical experience when you reach the point you can start connecting your components together and seeing how they work together to create totally different experiences.

Polymer is kind of an underdog in the front-end world currently as it has been hindered by poor native browser support for the four basic building blocks of Web Components: HTML templates, HTML imports, Custom Elements, and Shadow DOM. However lately the prognosis for these have changed as the Custom Elements v1 spec was ratified and most browser vendors have began native implementations.

We think that Web Components are on the cusp of mass viability now and are excited for the new opportunities this will provide for developers interested in them. Though there are several Web Components libraries in existence, including x-tag, bosonic, and SkateJS, we think Polymer is best positioned to be the goto library for the coming wave of interest.

The Chrome team has poured so much time and effort into building out its ecosystem and educating the public via multiple annual Summits and a video series on YouTube called Polycasts.

Because of this we see an increasing demand for developers specifically with Polymer experience and a greater supply of Polymer jobs as more teams at more companies begin to investigate the technology.

To help with this transition, today we are pleased to announce the launch of Polygigs, a simple Polymer job board. Though the website is very basic for now we have a long list of features and functionality we’re planning to implement.

The website is of course built with Polymer as well and we’re keeping its source code open and available on our GitHub.

We hope you’ll check it out! If you are a company looking for Polymer developers, we at Northern Logic would love to speak with you about your project. Just drop us a line at If we aren’t a fit for your project we’d love to post your position on Polygigs free of charge and help you find your perfect fit.

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