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7 Morning Habits That Changed My Life

Navi Kang
Navi Kang
Mar 7, 2019 · 4 min read

I was never a morning person growing up.

I mean I always showed up (for the most part) when it mattered (at least I thought so). I did relatively well in school. After graduation, I landed a nice job at JPMorgan Chase.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with who I was. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for that edge.

How could find my best version?

Answering that question has always motivated me.

I just didn’t realize how much I was leaving on the table (in this case, my morning).

I always saw myself becoming this amazing person and doing these amazing things. But the problem was - I hadn’t realized one thing. You don’t get these things before you’re actually are ready or before you can show the world you deserve these things. (If by chance you do, just know it can change really quickly). You don’t want that. I don’t want that. I think we all should strive to lay our best brick down. Only long-term perspectives here.

In fact (and to no surprise), it actually works the other way around. You need to work towards becoming that person now and those things that you want will naturally come to you after.

Sounds like a lot of puffery but there’s only one way to find out.

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

I was doing a few of things mentioned below but I hadn’t fully committed. I was taking days off.

We all know that never works out.

About 2 years ago, I finally gave in and committed to the advice I was hearing from nearly every highly successful individual I admired.

This is the morning routine I use now and it is changing my life in multiple, nonlinear ways.

1. Hydrate

Drink lots of water first thing in the morning to increase your energy level! I have a water bottle that I keep with me at all times. It sits next to my bed during the night and it’s the first things I turn to in the morning when I wake up. So simple, yet so profound!

2. Wake up early enough for ‘me’ time

Everyone is different. Some people are more productive in the morning and some people are more productive in the evening. I’ve moved into the 5 AM Club and I would highly suggest the same to everyone.

(Note: I had a different opinion on this a few years ago.)

However, the point is, give yourself enough time to eat breakfast, think about the rest of your day, and connect with your family and/or significant others.

3. Prepare the night before

Please don’t spend unnecessary time or energy making relatively unimportant decisions in the morning. You don’t want to think about, “What’s for lunch today?” It’s a waste of energy. Do that the night before. One easy win is to iron your outfit the night before.

Plan and visualize your day. I use my calendar on my iPhone to visually guide me through this process the night before.

4. Get moving

Energy is today’s currency. Get a morning workout, yoga lesson, or some physical activity done to help you move around and get your blood flowing. This will give you the motivation you need to attack your day.

5. Expect the unexpected

When does something not come up? Add at least an extra 15 minutes as a buffer. The last thing you want to do is start your day late because you spilled coffee on your pants or ran into an old friend at the gym.

6. Journal

Use this time to be grateful for all the things that you have and to clear your mind! Get in touch with your long-term goals and visualize yourself conquering your day.

I must admit, I actually rarely journaled before 2019.

This is a new habit I picked up and I’m easily able to see the progress I’m making. It’s amazing what you find when you go back and read through what you were thinking about a couple of months ago. It’s such a great way to motivate yourself and boost your self-confidence.

7. Get your mind right — Meditate

This might be one of my favorite habits. I meditate immediately after drinking water in the morning.

If the first thing you do every morning is check emails, text messages, or Facebook comments — your mind will immediately start racing with thoughts. The problem with this is, your day starts to control you. That email turns into another email or text. It’s honestly just an unhealthy and unproductive cycle…first thing in the morning.

As you get better at it, the benefits of meditation carry with you throughout your day and it just builds from there. I was about 21 when I started. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t see or feel the benefits right away but I stuck with it on blind faith.

Only in the last couple of years did I really start to realize noticeable benefits. Now, meditation has positively impacted literally every area of my life.

If you’re completely new, I would recommend you start with some research!

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to conquer your morning!

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Your Growth Team

Navi Kang

Written by

Navi Kang

Founder at Northpeak (



We’re a growth marketing and conversion rate optimization firm with a data & design-first approach. We create world-class user experiences that increase conversions and revenue.

Navi Kang

Written by

Navi Kang

Founder at Northpeak (



We’re a growth marketing and conversion rate optimization firm with a data & design-first approach. We create world-class user experiences that increase conversions and revenue.

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