Pesticides, Colorants and Unproven Dosages: What’s Hiding in Your Vitamins?

Ritual Rethinks the Multivitamin

For more than 75 years the vitamin and supplement industry has flourished into an $80 billion market due to an increased demand from a larger mainstream, health-conscious consumer base and an increasingly aging population.

It has also thrived due to the consumer’s ignorance when it comes to the critical question:

What’s actually in your vitamin?

The growing industry has taken advantage of the consumer’s lack of education and has gotten away with adding harmful colorants as well as hidden and misleading ingredients to many of the top brands. Additionally, many traditional multivitamins contain well over 30 ingredients, most of which aren’t necessary since we get enough through our diets.

Considering that taking multivitamins is not only part of our daily ritual and budgets, but also something we put into our bodies, shouldn’t we hold this industry to a higher standard?

Reengineering the Multivitamin

Katerina Schneider isn’t afraid of creating a new standard for the vitamin industry with her company Ritual.

Katerina came up with the idea to reengineer the multivitamin when she was pregnant with her first child. She took the time to inspect all of her products carefully to eliminate those with harmful or questionable ingredients to protect herself and her unborn baby. Katerina asked some of the most important questions around quality and origin of the ingredients, and she found a serious lack of transparency.

Ritual is based on the belief that better health begins with better ingredients that can be traced to its source. Its first product, a women’s multivitamin, launches to the public today.

Norwest Venture Partners is also excited to announce our investment in Ritual.

Ritual caught our eye for several reasons:

Highest-quality ingredients: Ritual sources the world for the highest-quality ingredients from trusted vendors whose nutrients undergo rigorous testing.

Traceable and transparent supply chain: Most consumers care about what they’re putting into their bodies, but when it comes to vitamins, they have no idea. Ritual’s ingredient database on its website allows consumers to trace every ingredient back to its source and to understand why each ingredient is included.

Optimal formulation: Ritual’s in-house scientists have applied the most recent clinical findings to develop a multivitamin with the only ingredients you need: the nine most essential nutrients in non-GMO, vegan, gluten, soy and dairy-free forms and with no synthetic fillers or colorants. Ritual also uses a proprietary sustained release, beadlet-in-oil encapsulation technology. This is the most optimal and effective way to preserve nutrients in their natural states.

A dollar a day: The direct-to-consumer model provides the finest essential nutrients at one-fifth of what it would otherwise cost by cutting out the middleman. Women can now incorporate a high-quality vitamin into their daily routine for a dollar a day.

At Norwest, we have seen a shift away from traditional retailers in favor of direct-to-consumer brands that offer greater transparency, consumer trust and customer service. For example, our portfolio company Madison Reed offers professional at home hair color but without the harmful chemicals that many of today’s biggest hair color brands incorporate. Another portfolio company Casper provides consumers information about what their mattress is made of and where it’s manufactured. Providing consumers with this type of transparency and honesty is what they deserve, and it is a quality we look for when investing.

Ritual represents a much needed refresh for the vitamin industry. We are delighted to partner with Katerina and the Ritual team to provide women with a multivitamin brand they can trust.

If you’d like to learn more about Ritual, visit the website

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