Having just watched “Special forces Ultimate Hell Week” I felt a blog coming on!! I’ve gone between being slightly in awe of those who go on such shows simply because they like a “challenge” to thinking they are completely mad!

For those who haven’t watched the show the contestant’s have a different leader of the special forces from around the world each week putting them through their paces physically and mentally which means extreme conditions are the norm!

Last nights show was no different but what struck me was the “power of team” One of the girls was struggling with an incredibly hard challenge, everyone else had now finished and eagerly waiting for her to finish, one of the guys asked the rather scary Polish Special Forces leader if they could all go and help, when the nod came the whole team ran up the hill to join the struggling contestant, they ran beside her cheering her on until she completed the challenge.

It reminded me of the many times the slowest runner at Bootcamp has had everyone cheering them on and even running beside them to encourage them to keep going, to the person who comes along for the first time and seeing that others will help.

The first time I completed the Monkey Bars at Factfit was exactly the same, everyone cheering me on and the others too, it was a pretty awesome feeling because the minute you hear that encouragement it keeps you going, even makes you believe you can do it.

Sunday was a prime example of’ team’ I took a group of people running, many of whom had said “I can’t run” or ‘I’m not a runner’ so I had a few nervous people to start off with! However everyone managed far more than they thought they could, most even surprised themselves with running the whole 5 miles and said if they had run on their own they probably wouldn’t have done it and would have stopped, what happened? Team happened, together they all kept each other going and the smiles at the end said it all!

So as I’m sat here thinking about how powerful it is to do something together I want to encourage you that if you are struggling on your own, join a team, find a buddy anyone who will lift you up and keep you going, Check out what we get up to and see where you can join us, I’m slightly biased but I think we have a pretty amazing group of people who will always help you finish strong, help you believe you can do it and will show you that you can!

Everyone was once a beginner, the new person at Bootcamp, Factfit etc so lets all look out for that one person who walks in nervously and continue to show them that we are “One Team”

Team NFC you simply are the best!