I’ve just spent the weekend away with my Mum at Champneys and was looking forward to trying out some different fitness sessions.

However things didn’t quite go to plan! it was a first come first served basis with restricted numbers! It reminded me how glad I was that I no longer have that problem, different gym memberships over the years always had that one frustration of wondering whether I would get in to my weekly classes or not!

My Mum had a treatment booked so I thought I would head to the gym instead. From the minute I walked in it struck me how typical it was to see all the girls in the cardio area, treadmills, rowers and cross trainers all in use, the weight section totally empty! Not a single girl lifting weights!

It actually made me reflect on how far I had come with my own thinking and experience as only 3 years a go on holiday that would have been me! Every afternoon I headed up to the top floor gym ran on the treadmill, a quick row and ended with some Ab Curls! Why? because I didn’t know any better! I thought as long as I had a good run, worked the legs did some core work then I’d had a good workout!

But now I do know better it frustrated me to see so many doing the cardio workouts and don’t get me wrong that is needed and good to do but girls lifting weights is what our bodies need, to burn fat, have that nice shape and definition we so often desire and most importantly for our health – increasing bone density to helping prevent injury, the list is endless.

I also understand how if you have never lifted weights how daunting that section of the gym looks, from the different barbells, plates and even complicated looking clips can all put anyone off from heading in that direction and in all honesty without some sort of training on technique, skills and posture It isn’t great to just start lifting but you can start by adding weights to your squats, lunges and even core work, grab the kettle bells or dumb bells and start with those.

I’m so grateful that a random bootcamp class led me to having a weights session with Brad as I’ve never looked back and totally love lifting now (ok I love my boxing just a little bit more) as believe its one of the best workouts you can do but that is for another blog!!

With constant back problems as long as I can remember lifting weights was always thought of as being one of those things I should never do! How wrong I was, deadlifting is one of the best exercises you can do to increase strength in your back.

So I guess I’m writing this blog in the hope that it helps you to see how you need to include lifting weights in your workouts to increase strength and lean muscle mass, to burn more calories and to really see the results you are after.

If you want to head to the weights section confidently and enjoy the benefits of lifting then you can learn to lift weights with Norwich Fitness Club either by booking on Ladies that Lift or book Personal Training where we can train you in our private studio either 121 or with a friend.

Girls being strong is beautiful and VERY empowering! So make sure you learn how to lift and you will see how addictive it is, especially when you see the results!