Our Mental Castle (chapter 1)

The following articles will be related to our lair here in Norwich. I think it is one of those things that you really have to see to understand completely how it is… Honestly, I’m living here for 2 weeks and I still don’t know it all! But I will try my best to pass the description and the feeling of this place :)

So “Heathfield care house” used to be a house to receive and take care of old people with dementia. It had some prizes for good quality but for some unknown reason to us, it was closed. The building was set to be sold and David and Sarah (I’ve already met them walking around the place), a nice couple in their 50’s/60’s decided to purchase it to make a students residence. While they get all the papers in order, they hired Ad Hoc which is kind of a real estate company. Ad Hoc searches for empty buildings and they try to rent it cheaply to residents. “Protect by Ocupation” is their theme, as empty houses can have people breaking in, vandalizing or stealing. So they rent the place to “Guardians”, like me, to ocupy the house, protect it and pay a low-cost rent. In our case we pay 205£/month with water, eletricity and gas included. You can’t find cheaper than this pretty much anywhere…

Orange: Castle’s territory! Yellow: Portuguese wing of the castle (1st floor)

Here’s a list of what composes the Castle:

Parking lot, big lobby for events with a beautiful piano (I’m planning to start practising there), our garage for bicycles, about 40 rooms (some of them are damaged), each wing/corridor has about 6 rooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 big lobby with small kitchen, industrial kitchen full of storage, laundry room (we can also wash and dry clothes for free!), small studio in our floor with guitar, bass and some percusions (big thanks to Will), 3 main outdoor terraces, some offices and a lot of storage rooms. We just miss the sauna and the swimming pool !

I want to record a video which would easily show how it is composed, but unfortunatelly my phone isn’t the best for it, as the image gets too dark. This is quite a darky place, but not that much as my phone shows! :p

I will continue later the description of this huge place, for now I just leave you with some photos of the “Portuguese wing” lobby, where me, Sandro and Tiago spend most of our social time, where we eat and where we chill… And where I’m writting this blog from too :)

Some photos of our lobby, 3rd December 2016
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