Announcing nOS Client 0.5

nOS Client 0.5 features auto-updates, new transactions panel, data encryption & decryption, design updates, and various bug fixes.

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We’re happy to announce our nOS Client 0.5 update!

Click here to download nOS Client.

Here are the key new features:

  • Auto Updater — nOS automatically updates on launch.
  • Software Certificates — nOS Client is now trusted by Windows and MacOS, allowing for simple download & installation.
  • Encryption and Decryption of App Data — Apps can now let users encrypt data (such as private messages) before sending it to the blockchain, allowing only the receiving user(s) to decrypt it. This opens up the ability to make production-ready applications and games that utilize private data. Special thanks to our community contributors knaps and insider on Discord for building this feature, and Red4Sec for the security audit!
  • Transactions Panel View your transactions history directly in nOS Wallet.
Transactions Panel
  • Design Updates — Various design tweaks have been applied to make the nOS experience sleeker and more user friendly.
  • Ledger Fixes Various bugs have been fixed, including common Ledger issues. Ledger users can now verify their address in to get a Holding Score.
  • More See the changelog for all changes.

Note: Holding Scores are updated this Monday (January 14th) at noon GMT, giving Ledger users an extra day to verify their address before the next Holding Score update!

What’s next?

Here’s what to expect from our development work on the short term (in no particular order):

  • Full native support for Ethereum accounts and applications
  • Cross-platform identity solution for server-side applications
  • redesign
  • nOS Block Explorer (featuring transactions and supply information)
  • Mobile Client development
  • nOS Gateway — The “app store” for nOS applications
  • Building, incubating, and onboarding new nOS applications

Other things we’re working on are:

  • Reputation-based Rewards (Selective Supply Increase) Research and Development
  • Native Blockchain & Filesystem Research and Development

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