nOS & Integro partner to bring e-learning apps to the Smart Economy

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Integro, the Tokenized Learning Management & Rewards Platform.

About Integro

Integro are the creators of a tokenized e-learning platform called the Learning Management and Reward System (LMRS).

Integro’s LMRS is an easy to use application on which anyone can create public and private courses, and earn token rewards for sharing and completing such courses.

LMRS is built on top of iDAL, Integro’s Decentralized Application Layer — a protocol for deploying dApps.

Partners of Integro include RSK (Smart Contracts on the Bitcoin network), North South University, and Hotel Mariott.

We’re excited to work together with Integro to integrate their LMRS and iDAL products with the nOS ecosystem, and vice-versa!

Partnership Details

  • nOS will use Integro to publish educational material for building and using nOS.
  • Integro will integrate nOS ID as a sign-in and registration method for the Integro LMRS application.
  • nOS and Integro will promote and reward the use of Integro LMRS platform on nOS Client (e.g. through promotional campaigns and discounted rates on Integro products used on nOS Client).
  • Integro will deploy to nOS and integrate nOS APIs exclusively, outside of Integro’s own solutions.
  • Integro is nOS’s exclusive e-learning application partner.
  • Integro will explore the integration of NOS as a supported payment token within the Integro ecosystem.
  • nOS and Integro will explore the integration of the nOS Filesystem & Blockchain natively within Integro iDAL and LMRS.