Nash and nOS Partnership: Introducing Smart Economy and Decentralized Applications to Mainstream

The nOS & Nash partnership will bring a new level of accessibility to Decentralized Applications and Smart Economy.

Dean van Dugteren
Sep 24, 2018 · 4 min read
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nOS and Nash — Two projects, one common goal:

Mass adoption of the Smart Economy.

  • nOS is the Virtual Operating System of the Smart Economy.

It is with great excitement that we announce a partnership today that will introduce new features and levels of adoption to the Smart Economy.

Nash and nOS will combine several of each others’ platform functionalities, introducing completely new features that make the blockchain and dApp ecosystem truly accessible and easy-to-use for everyone.

Continue reading to find out exactly what we’ll do.


First, here’s a quick summary of both projects’ background

  • nOS is a virtual operating system made for development, deployment, discovery, and interaction of blockchain-powered decentralized applications.

The Partnership

The nOS & Nash partnership will bring several new features for both platforms. nOS will natively integrate features of Nash, and vice-versa, so as to make the Smart Economy as accessible and easy-to-use as possible, for everyone.

Here’s what we’re working on together:

Nash Suite — Officially Supported on nOS

  • Nash will integrate nOS exclusively as the only third party platform to officially feature Nash Suite, outside of Nash’s own solutions.

Trading digital assets has never been this easy.

This co-exclusive integration is in effect for a minimum of 2 years.

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You will be able to access Nash Suite directly in nOS Client.

Applications — Build once, release as nOS dApp & Web App

nOS will support Nash developer APIs, and Nash will support nOS developer APIs. As a developer you only need to build your application once to make it available as both a native nOS dApp, and a native web app (with Nash Browser Plug-in).

Instant Token Conversion for nOS dApps — Powered by Nash

Remember the “Automatic Token Conversion” feature described in the nOS whitepaper?

This feature, that allows for easy conversions of tokens in order to use tokenized dApps, is fully powered by Nash.

Here’s a practical example:

  • You’re using a dApp called “dAuction(Example — not a real dApp).

In one click, you were able to purchase the tokens and complete your interaction. All without having to go through any exchange process yourself.

You can imagine what this new level of accessibility to dApps and their tokens means for mass adoption of the Smart Economy.

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Nash will provide the fundamental exchange layer, where tokens are purchased, and nOS will provide the interaction layer, where tokens are used.

Automatic Token Conversion brings countless benefits to dApps, tokens, developers, and users alike:

  • It is now way easier to use dApps and tokens for their intended purpose.

In conclusion

nOS and Nash together will bring new features and opportunities to the blockchain — and crypto — industry as a whole. And that excites us.

We look forward to making the world of Smart Economy flourish!

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