— Introducing the new nOS Community Portal is the official community & developer portal. Easily find ways to get engaged and earn NOS!

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We rolled out the latest version of our official community and developer portal. introduces ways to get involved with several community aspects of nOS: development, challenges and competitions, and contributions management. Features

1. Special Activities

Find challenges, promotional campaigns, and other activities that award NOS.

2. Application Management

If you’re a developer, you can apply for a nOSNet domain and get your application running on the nOS’s public NEO testnet.

If you noticed the Activities page, we will also be rewarding quality application submissions with NOS! Application Domain Submission Page

3. Contributions Management

As part of our community contributions reward system, we have launched the Contributions Management application.

Simply list your contributions to the nOS codebase according to the submission rules, and get NOS on your nOS wallet every month. Contribution Management Page

What’s next for is the starting point for engaging with nOS and dApp development.

In the future, we will launch the first dApp Gateway as a part of The dApp Gateway will be the starting point for end-users to discover and use new nOS applications, while we continue to work on the fundamentals of our Decentralized Authority (staking, voting, rewards) system and eventually launch a fully decentralized version.

Community Highlight

Jimmy Lipham says nOS has one of the best user onboarding experiences of any blockchain project.