nOS ID App Competition: The Winners

These 5 apps and games integrated nOS ID and won a share of 275,000 NOS!

Dean van Dugteren
Jul 9, 2019 · 5 min read

The winners of the nOS ID Developer Competition are here!

We recommend visiting any app in nOS Client to unlock their full potential.

1st Place (125,000 NOS) — Crypto Waffle

Waffle is a full-featured raffle game that utilizes NOS, Holding Scores, and nOS Client.

From the developer:

Waffle, short for Wallet Raffle, is a simple and fun dApp where you can buy tickets with your nOS tokens to compete in a raffle.

Some more short info:

- You have to use the nOS client to buy tickets.

- For every 1 nOS you get 1 ticket and you add 1 nOS to our jackpot.

- You can refer people to add a multiplier to your prize.

- The value of your holding score adds a multiplier to your ticket amount.

- There’s a transaction history for your bought tickets with a link to Neoscan.

- Prizes are paid immediately.

- Watch back every raffle through the raffle history with all links to the transactions at Neoscan.

The strength of Waffle is that is very easy to use and that is will let people get acquainted with nOS and nOS Client.

Besides all of this, it could be possible for Waffle in the future to gain a more prominent role in the games section of the App Store. For example in the poker tournaments there can be added a number of consolation prizes as Waffle tickets. Then nOS will get a prominent role in all of the games.

2nd Place (75,000 NOS) — NEO Economy Store

NEO Economy Store lets you buy various products (including merch and ledger devices) with NOS, and you get an additional discount based on your Holding Score.

Supports instant purchases when using nOS Client: just click “Buy” and confirm the transaction!

From the developer:

nOS ID is used to login in the app, both on NOS client, or in an external browser.

All the items available can be bought directly with NOS, also used to pay for shipping, and if the user has at least 1000 as a NOS Holding Score, they get 10% off on all store items.

The payment function itself only works while within NOS client, but the store is still fully available from anywhere, just need to log in with nOS ID credentials.

3rd Place (25,000 NOS) — nOS Flip

nOS Flip is a card flipping game that’s a mix between sudoku and minesweeper. A great example of how a game can utilize nOS APIs to integrate bonuses and an in-game item store.

From the developer:

nOS Flip is a combination of a special sudoku and minesweeper, it’s based on the original voltorb flip game. The point of the game is to get as many points without touching a shitcoin (or a bomb) and advance in levels. More will get clear in the tutorial level.

You have the choice of logging in with your NOS account or to play as a guest.

At this moment, you can play the tutorial level and a full single player mode. There is a store where you can buy a custom nOS mouse skin which you can play with in the game. You can also buy special tickets that are used in specific occasions in the game when you might lose.

Next up is the leaderboard where you can see all the best times of people that completed an entire run in single player, design of this page might still be in design phase though.

Single player mode gets unlocked after the tutorial level.

A multiplayer tournament mode and a puzzles section is the next step to take when I continue with this project.

Have fun playing the game!

4th Place (25,000 NOS) — Crypto Clicker

Crypto Clicker is a crypto mining variation of the popular cookie clicker game genre. Essentially it’s a gamified crypto mining simulator, with extra boosts (currency and datacenters) granted based on your holding score.

From the developer:

“In Russia, computers don’t mine. You do.”

You get a datacenter and money bonus when using nOS ID to sign in. NOS token will be used later in the shop to purchase expansions of your datacenters/servers.

5th Place (25,000 NOS) — WalletExplorer.Tech

WalletExplorer.Tech is a cross-chain and real-time wallet explorer. You can connect with nOS ID to immediately import your wallets and review transactions and balances.

From the developer:

Possibly, It’s the first parallel wallets explorer in real time. Easy way to get details of all wallets in one place.

Supports Ethereum, NEO, Ontology and Switcheo Exchange. Shows Ethereum, NEO and Ontology tokens and transactions, Switcheo contract balance and Switcheo HODL balance. Shows nOS score. Shows Ethereum, NEO and Ontology network status. Tracks NEO and Ethereum wallets via telegram bot.

We had a great time using these games and applications, and are looking forward to offering more features to developers and users with our upcoming blockchain!

More info coming in the nOS Whitepaper 2.0 releasing July 30th, 2019.

Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: nOS Limited does not endorse or guarantee the long-term performance of any third-party applications and their security, legal compliance, or usability. Some applications may offer the ability to transfer cryptocurrencies or virtual tokens. Use any applications at your own risk.

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