nOS & NEO•ONE Partnership: Introducing full-stack Decentralized Applications in Javascript & Typescript

With NEO•ONE, nOS will let you build full-stack decentralized applications using Javascript (front-end) and Typescript (smart contract).

We’re excited to announce our mutual integrations with NEO•ONE, the framework for easy, fast, and fun NEO application development.

Currently, you can build your nOS decentralized application using your favorite web stack for the front-end (e.g. vanilla Javascript, jQuery, React, Angular, Vue.JS), and NEO smart contracts (and optionally server-side code) for the back-end. Ethereum is soon to be supported as well.

Typescript comes very close to Javascript, except Typescript is a type restricted language. That means it’s easier to debug code directly from your editor.

With NEO•ONE and nOS combined, you will soon be able to build your full-stack decentralized application using only Javascript and Typescript. Two of the world’s most popular web languages.

But that’s not all, NEO•ONE integration with nOS will allow you to write, debug, and deploy smart contracts directly from within nOS Client!

More details can be found in the NEO News Today premiere here.


  • nOS will integrate NEO•ONE as its primary development library for NEO blockchain interactions and NEO-powered application development.
  • nOS Client, and the NEX Browser Plug-in, will be the only third-party application development platforms that NEO•ONE officially supports.
  • NEO•ONE and nOS will integrate the NEO•ONE IDE with nOS Client: Write, run, and deploy Smart Contracts directly in nOS Client!
NEO•ONE with IDE live debugging

Our partnership with NEO•ONE catalyzes our progress in improving nOS dApp development and end-user experience.