For the past year, the team at nOS has been working tirelessly to realize the vision that’s outlined in our original whitepaper.

Dean van Dugteren
Jul 30 · 5 min read

As we’re getting closer to the release of our live platform and public blockchain, we’re excited to release our brand new whitepaper, revealing the details of all our upcoming products.

We’re also very excited to announce our partnership with ARK. Details below!

Whitepaper 2.0

Read the nOS Whitepaper 2.0 here.

Next to outlining all the details of the nOS blockchain and its new client software, we also overhauled the goals and use cases of the platform.

The features are best described in the new whitepaper’s executive summary:

nOS is an all-in-one platform that introduces new implementable business models powered by blockchain technologies.

Any application can leverage nOS to extend its revenue stream without surrendering user privacy.

The platform also introduces an App Store that is decentralized (maintained entirely by multiple voter-elected parties) allowing for fair and transparent distribution and discovery of applications.

With nOS’s new approaches to app monetization and distribution, even Free and Open Source applications can scale on both technological and financial levels.

Some key features include:

  • Delegated Proof of Stake consensus model that’s open to nodes, app creators, and end-users.
  • Curator System, using DPoS consensus for electing parties that can populate the nOS App Store.
  • Vote Weight Rebalancing Model by completely removing the majority of all collected transaction fees.
  • Staking system that allows NOS holders to stake coins for increased influence on the network.
  • Attention-based Rewards, allowing users to automatically contribute cryptocurrencies to apps directly in a peer-to-peer fashion, with no middleman or service fees.

Token Circulation Hypothesis

nOS’s features introduce virtually endless opportunities for apps and content creators to implement and extend their business models.

All these features can be implemented by any web app, not just dApps.

We’re still building the solutions that allow developers to build and deploy dApps with ease as described in the original whitepaper, but the nOS ecosystem is built to be open to all web apps and games.

ARK Partnership

So, we’re building a network with never-before-seen solutions that any app can implement for increased revenue, outreach, engagement, and simple implementation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

How far along are we?

Good news! We already built our full-featured blockchain with a large number of our unique ecosystem features (staking, transaction fee system, delegate “top rewards” incentive system), and we’re ready to release our codebase and deploy our public testnet by the end of September 2019.

We have been able to build with efficiency thanks to ARK Core, the highly modular and open-source blockchain framework built by ARK.

ARK Core provides many features that allow for a modular and secure approach to blockchain development, including:

  • Fast and efficient consensus algorithm (DPoS)
  • Typescript codebase
  • Modular directory structure
  • Plug-in framework
  • Generic Transaction Interface (GTI: AIP-29)
  • Open-source ecosystem resources (wallet, block explorer, SDKs, etc.)

And we’re not just building with ARK.

We’re building with ARK.

We’re very excited to announce our strategic and technical partnership with ARK.

This partnership is special. It goes beyond the technological level. We’re cooperating on strategic and technical solutions that help elevate both projects to reach new milestones and launch new features.

One great example of how ARK and nOS operate in harmony is that developers can build their very own blockchain with ARK Core (and soon use the ARK Marketplace to install blockchain modules and plug-ins), and then deploy their blockchain’s native app or service to nOS and integrate with new peer-to-peer business models and marketing opportunities.

It truly goes hand-in-hand.

Furthermore, we’re very honored and excited to be selected by ARK as the first project to officially join the Powered by ARK program, bringing new opportunities and special features to nOS within the ARK ecosystem.

nOS Browser: Multi-Blockchain Wallet & Browser

Next to introducing the nOS App Store and bringing new blockchain business models to apps and games, we’re continuing to integrate all popular blockchain platforms into our revamped wallet and browser client.

nOS Client is now nOS Browser.

We’re completely overhauling the account system on nOS Browser, allowing you to use a single mnemonic phrase to manage all your crypto addresses for any and all blockchains that are supported on nOS.

No more managing multiple private keys or installing different wallets. It’s all there in one place.

With initial extensive support for the NEO blockchain, popular apps and games such as nOS Poker, Hashpuppies, Waffle, and NEO Economy Store have already been able to build with nOS using a third-party blockchain back-end.

Soon, you’ll be able to interact through nOS Browser with:

  • ARK
  • nOS (blockchain)
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • EOS
  • Binance Chain

And any other popular blockchain platform that you want to see!


We couldn’t be more excited about the future. We’re building exactly what we outlined in the new whitepaper with great focus, speed, and efficiency.

We’re working directly with ARK, one of the best teams in the space who are building the most amazing blockchain framework and ecosystem.

And soon, all apps on the internet (and web3) can adopt nOS’s new business models with ease, and deploy to the decentralized nOS App Store.

Whether you’re a user or creator, nOS will innovate your internet experience.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

nOS - Blockchain Powered Virtual Operating System

nOS is a virtual operating system allowing you to connect to the Blockchain Powered Open Internet.

Dean van Dugteren

Written by

Founder of nOS: Blockchain Powered Virtual Operating System —

nOS - Blockchain Powered Virtual Operating System

nOS is a virtual operating system allowing you to connect to the Blockchain Powered Open Internet.

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