nOS & CRUZEO Protocol partner to build a Decentralized Service Economy

Disrupting the “Uber for X” industry with a decentralized service marketplace protocol, powered by nOS.

Service Economy

Are you familiar with Uber? What about Uber Eats for food delivery? Or Dectar for babysitting?

These apps form Service Economies where both amateurs and professionals can offer their services, such as food delivery or a taxi ride, to consumers.

Service Economy apps often define themselves as “Uber for [blank]”, since it’s the easiest way to understand the use case.

Of course, thanks to blockchain technology, professionals should no longer have to accept a middleman like Uber taking home a large fee just for connecting consumer to provider.

CRUZEO Protocol

CRUZEO Protocol is taking on Uber and every other “service marketplace” app imaginable with their Decentralized Service Economy Protocol.

The protocol aims to empower the service economy by presenting service providers and developers with a versatile toolbox to build cheap and highly scalable decentralized marketplaces without any prior programming experience.

Among other features, CRUZEO Protocol will offer:

  • Digital Identity System
  • Fiat-to-Crypto Payment Gateway
  • Smart User Reputation System
  • Escrow Services
  • Decentralized Discovery Protocol

In other words: the full stack that anyone needs to offer any type of service, on a decentralized ecosystem.

nOS & CRUZEO Protocol Partnership

Some of the ways that The CRUZEO Protocol and nOS will work together are:

  • Special promotions and activities (e.g. free rides by signing up to CRUZEO Marketplace using nOS Client).
  • CRUZEO Protocol will integrate their protocol & marketplace application with nOS.
  • NOS to be explored as a supported currency on CRUZEO’s marketplace.
  • Technical and strategic cooperation.

We’re also excited to have CRUZEO Protocol as our exclusive Service Sharing Marketplace partner, and that CRUZEO Protocol has nOS as their exclusive Application Platform partner.

We look forward to pushing adoption of decentralized service sharing forward, together with CRUZEO!