nOS Client Design Competition — $10,000 Prize Pool & Pre-Sale Access to Top 10!

Win pre-sale access & GAS with the nOS Client Design Competition!

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We have a $10,000 prize pool for the top 3, and pre-sale access for the top 10.

10 winners will be selected for the following rewards:

1st: 200 GAS & nOS pre-sale
2nd: 100 GAS & nOS pre-sale
3rd: 50 GAS & nOS pre-sale
4th-10th: nOS pre-sale


  • Design the nOS client according to the Requirements listed below.
  • Submission files must be the project source files + JPEG, PNG, or GIF for each screen.
  • You don’t have to integrate your design into the front-end. Only a design project source + image files are necessary.
  • Deadline is May 29th 2018, 12:00 AM CEST


  1. Integrate nOS Logo
  2. Check the nOS Visual Identity repository for the logo and reference files.
  3. Integrate standard browsing functions (URL Bar, Controls, Bookmarks, Tabs)
  4. Integrate nOS Menu with the following items: Web Browser, dApp Discovery Dashboard (think App Store), Token Exchange, Settings
  5. You must include your design’s source project file (i.e. Photoshop/Sketch/Figma/Justinmind project) and an image file for each design (JPG, PNG, or GIF) when sending in your submission using the Submit page.


Also check out the MVP Developer client:

  • You can design any amount of screens as long as they fit into the description of one of the screens below.
  • The number of screens designed will be factored into judging of submissions.
  • Screens that are not counted as one of the screens below will not be factored into judging.

1. dApp Discovery Dashboard

Discovery Dashboard Reference (Windows Store)
An overview of new and popular dApps. Similar to Windows Store.
a. Must have:
i. Sections: Favorites, Popular, New, Featured.
ii. Thumbnail lists.
b. Should be:
i. Familiar to consumer-level “app store” users (Apple Store (OSX/iOS), Google Play Store, etc.)

2. Settings

nOS Settings Page Example
Settings screen where users can configure their network (and possible select a theme).
a. Must have:
i. Network Configurations (see Client or Example Screens for reference)
b. Should have:
i. Theme selection

3. Wallet

nOS Wallet Page Example
Basic wallet screen with NEO wallet functionalities.
a. Must have:
i. Overview of NEO/GAS funds in wallet and their USD value
ii. Overview of NEP-5 token holdings
iii. Send/Receive Funds feature

4. Login

Example Login Screen
Screen used to log in with your NEO wallet, or to create a new wallet.
a. Must have:
i. Tabs to login with Passphrase/WIF/Ledger/Wallet File
ii. Create Account tab

5. Confirmation Dialogues

Example Confirmation Dialogue
A confirmation dialogue used to authorize transactions and interactions.
a. Must have:
i. Sample dialogue for transaction confirmations
ii. Sample dialogue for invocations
iii. Sample dialogue for GAS-to-Token Conversion

6. Loading Splash Screen

Loading Screen Reference
A responsive, welcoming, smooth animated loading splash screen that indicates the client is starting up.
a. Must Have:
i. Animated logo
ii. Animated text with entertaining phrases
iii. Below animated text, display individual loading steps
iv. Size of 275px x 330px

7. App View

Example App View
The App View screen should serve as an example of what viewing a dApp would look like in the client.
a. Must Have:
i. Browser Functionalities (URL Bar, Browser Controls, Tabs)
ii. Simple demo application in the dApp container (i.e. some chart elements and a calendar). You can use the VDT dApp from the Example App View screenshot above.