nOS Community-made dApps Top 15

65+ nOS dApps have been deployed to nOSNet. Presenting our Top 15.

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Forums, messengers, voting, gaming, and more.

Last week, 65+ community developers have been applying final touches to their nOS dApps. We had the privilege to talk to every developer, provide feedback, award pre-sale tiers. And now, it’s time to present our Top 15 nOS Community dApps in this Medium post.

We’re very impressed by our developer community and by what they have achieved in this short amount of time. We’re also proud to say they helped nOS in the following achievement:

4 months ago nOS was announced at the NEO Amsterdam event. Now, nOS is the world’s first platform with 65+ dApps running on its public testnet before releasing a whitepaper and before holding its ICO.

Interested in development? All dApps are open source, so there are more than enough starting points for anyone to start building their own!

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Presenting the Top 15 nOSNet Community dApps (in no particular order):


Source code:

Voteo is a poll and quiz dApp. Users can create public and private polls. Also supports open questions and multiple choice. Public polls can be voted on by anyone. Only the poll creator can review the results.

Notes by developer (End3my#7719 in nOS Discord)

Decentralized voting app — public/private polls, time, token balances and other constraints, reward system, and more. In the current version only basic functionality works so far. Will be working also on KYC, and in the future on anonymous voting that can be used for example in regional elections in Slovaki


Source code:

Index Page

Posts.neo is a decentralized forum application, running natively on nOS. Users can create topics, write replies, and retrieve specific posts by ID.

SmartT : Decentralized Smart Ticketing Platform

Source code:

SmartT is a fully decentralized online ticketing and event management platform. Users can:

  • Create events
  • Sell tickets to event
  • Buy tickets using Master Contract Token (MCT)
  • Accept payment in MCT (Master Contract Token)
  • Advertise on the website
  • Buying a ticket gives you a QR code, allowing for easy event registration.

The developer, Asif Raza (asif#2234 on nOS Discord), released a video explaining the dApp in-depth, and has been interviewed on NEO News Today.

From NEO News Today:

Initially, Asif contributed to the nOS community by reporting a number of issues on its GitHub page pertaining to the nOS Client, and received “great and quick [responses] from this nOS team.” Furthermore, he said the “nOS client is [a] wonderful solution which makes life easier for developers,” which he believes will help nOS to become a “great blockchain service in [the] future.”

Bet Manager

Source code:

Bet Manager is a decentralized betting application. Users can create groups and hold betting sessions for any topic. The winner is selected by majority vote during the “Validation Period”, which takes place after the betting period. The result that reached the majority amount of validations during the Validation period is the winning result.

Bet Manager has an in-depth explanation of its features and the betting process in its GitHub repository.

Notes by developer (marcobz#4117 on Discord):

A Group with all possible participants at future bets needs to be created in the dApp inserting the name of the group and the NEO address of all of them.
When a bet is proposed, it has to be created in the dApp inserting its text, at least two possible results, the amount of tokens that has to be bet, the blocks length of all the periods in the bet’s lifetime (they are described later) and it has to be checked or not if a player can add a new result.
Each person in the group can participate to the bet choosing one of the possible results and sending to the smartcontract the previously amount of tokens.
When the bet event ends, the result can be validated by all the participants in the group and if one result reaches 50 % + 1 of group participants, it is the winning result and winners can withdraw all the amount previously bet.

NeoShop : Buy and sell using NEO-based tokens

Source code:

NeoShop is an decentralized marketplace dApp (proof-of-concept).

By utilizing nOS Client and IPFS, NeoShop is fully decentralized and allows for buying and selling goods and services using NEO’s GAS token.

Notes by developer (sahil bahl#9319 on nOS Discord):

A decentralized marketplace buitd on the NEO blockchain where people can buy and list items using NEO.
This decentralised marketplace POC currently supports the folowing features:
* List an Item
* Buy an Item
* View Current Unsold Listings
* Edit Listings Delete Listings
This POC was built using nOS.
Project Code found here

nOS Swap

Source code:

nOS Swap lets you easily swap your NEO to Ethereum by utilizing the Shapeshift API and nOS API. Enter an ETH address, the amount of NEO you want to swap, click Swap, and you’ll have instantly swapped your NEO for ETH! Only works on MainNet.


Source code:

NeoChat (created by kokahunter#8365on nOS Discord) is a decentralized messenger containing familiar elements. It functions similar to WhatsApp or Telegram, except the entire messaging aspect is completely decentralized, and will soon support message encryption.


  • 100% decentralized messenger
  • Send and receive messages (based on NEO addresses) for free
  • Register your account to enable encryption of messages (when supported by nOS API)

Features to be activated in the next versions:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Attaching tokens/assets to messages
  • Emoji support
  • Media support with IPFS

Second-Price Auction
Source code:

A Vickrey Auction proof-of-concept dApp, that allows for people to create auctions and bids using fictional tokens. The dApp offers a simple yet sleek interface and user experience.

Notes by developer (wifeofxardas#3737 on nOS Discord):

A Vickrey auction is a type of sealed-bid auction. Bidders sumbit written bids without knowing the bid of the other people in the auction.
The highest bidder wins but the price paid is the second-highest bid.

nOS Tracker
Source code:

nOS Tracker is an application that connects your nOS wallet to a Telegram bot. The Telegram bot will send you notifications when you send or receive funds. The application front-end runs on the client-side, and where the Telegram bot runs on a dedicated server.


Source code:

Events.neo is a simple event management dApp: Set an event with a date and address, and invite people by their NEO address. You can accept/decline invitations, and event creators can see who responded.

RSP : Rock Scissors Paper Game

Source code:

Rock Paper Scissors is a classic game. Developer punkkk (punkkk#7216 on nOS Discord) realized this and made a decentralized Rock Paper Scissors game with provable fairness via a NEO smart contract.

The game has responsive animations and a simple user interface. At the time of review there are some issues regarding game results, but the source code should prove to be a good starting point for anyone looking to create provable fairness games powered by blockchain.


Source code:

Illuminate aims to become a platform that allows for users to provide livestreamed one-on-one instructional sessions. Lesson purchases are working. The platform itself is not yet functional. We hope to see it reach its goals of becoming a first-of-its-kind decentralized livestreamed instructions platform.


Source code:

Public yes/no voting dApp. Simply create a poll and vote!


Source code:

Developer Q&A Portal, where users can pay a GAS fee in to ask nOS-related development questions to experts.

Anti-Scam Realtime Alert System

Source code:

Antiscam is an address review dApp that lets users flag and comment NEO addresses. The moment you enter an address, you can see if it received any flags and review its comments.

Notes by developer (shashankparewar#0573 on nOS Discord):

Anti-Scam Realtime Alert System: This is a dapp built on nOS platform for alerting users before they send any asset to a flagged address.
Backend github link (with instructions) —
Frontend github link —
Primary feature — flagging addresses if it is associated with a scam
Additional features include — favorite addresses, adding comments, selecting address from favorites to send assets

Big shout-out to our developer community.

You are true pioneers, building the foundation for decentralized applications.

Together with nOS.