The nOS Token Sale has Concluded — Details & What’s Next

We couldn’t be more excited for the future, and we’re extremely happy to have you with us.

Before the Token Sale

The nOS Reveal Presentation at NEO.Amsterdam 2018
  • We released our codebase and working client when we announced nOS 7 months ago (April 14).
  • We’re now at version 0.4.6 of nOS Client, which is full of new features for both developers and end-users.
  • We are working together with various partners to integrate their applications and use cases with nOS.
  • The developers in our community have released over 60 dApps on nOSNet, the nOS TestNet.
  • We worked to give our public sale the best possible token economics by not granting pre- or private sale bonuses.
  • We have become a fully regulatory compliant Virtual Token by the laws of Malta. We believe full compliance is extremely important and increases the confidence for everyone engaged with nOS.

Token Sale Conclusion

  • We raised 101,054 NEO and 3669 ETH in the public sale.
  • 24,625,982 NOS are distributed to public sale participants.
  • 57,125,982 NOS are in circulation.
  • NOS listed on Switcheo Exchange with NEO, GAS, and SWTH trading pairs.
  • We released 5 incremental updates to nOS Client during our Token Sale, improving the user experience and end-user stability with the NEO network.

What’s next for nOS (on the Short Term)

  • Mobile Client Development: We are starting development of the nOS Mobile Client, making nOS a cross-platform solution for fully decentralized applications. All nOS desktop applications will be usable on mobile as well.
  • Community Development Portal: our Token Sale portal will be revamped to become a gateway to nOS. We’re starting with a community development portal. Developers will be able to submit and receive rewards for making contributions to the nOS Codebase.
  • Application Submission Portal: Projects will be able to submit their application to for review and support by nOS, and to publish it to nOSNet.
  • Relaunch of nOSNet: The nOS TestNet will be relaunched to support the development and deployment of new decentralized applications.
  • Research Papers on Voting System: We will publish and share our research papers of the nOS application voting system.
  • Developer Competitions: We will kick off dApp development by hosting competitions, for both developers and designers, soon.


Whether you participated in the token sale, gave feedback or criticism, built an application, contributed to our codebase, or supported us in any other way: you play an essential role in building the foundation of nOS.

We couldn’t be more excited for the future, and we’re extremely happy to have you with us.

Let’s build.