A better way to browse ideas

For a long time we have wanted to create a more frictionless way of browsing and managing ideas. Going through hundreds or even thousands of ideas by opening each idea on a new page, then returning to the idea list and open yet another idea (and so on) is just a daunting task.

This is why we are super excited to release two new features that makes it even easier and more seamless to browse and work with ideas on the Nosco platform: The Idea Window and Saved Filters.

The Idea Window

Ideas will now open in a large window on top of the content. You can quickly return to the idea list by closing the window (click the x in the top right corner or hit the escape key). You can also move to the previous or next idea simply by pressing the left and right arrow keys.

The page will automatically scroll along in the background as you browse through the ideas in the idea window. When you close the window, the list will scroll to the location on the page where the last opened idea is located.

The Idea Window has been optimised for mobiles and tablets.

The Idea Window has also been optimised for mobiles and tablets, making it much easier to browse ideas on the go. Administrators and evaluators can now also manage and evaluate ideas on handheld devices.

The idea is almost identical to the previous version. But to tighten things up, we have made some small improvements to the design:

  • Information about the author is now located just below the idea headline
  • The send feature has been grouped together with some other actions in a drop down menu just next to the follow button.
  • Info such as publish date, reading time and status changes can be found under more in the right sidebar.
  • The comment area now has a white background

Saved Filters

All users can now save their own filters. To get started, simply apply a filter to the idea list and click Saved filters in the top of the filter. You can then save the filter and apply it later on. If you are an administrator, your saved filters will also be available on the idea lists in the administration area.

Combining the Idea Window and the Saved Filter feature makes a very useful and intuitive way of navigation and working with ideas, especially if you need to go through many ideas on a daily basis.


We’d like to thank all the innovation managers and the thousands of users working with the Nosco platform every day. Your feedback is very valuable to us and these two new features are a result of our close and productive relationship. We believe and hope that these new features will make a positive difference to how you work with ideas.

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