$1 Million Dollar HonorDrop

Honor is not given. It is earned.

Henry Sugar
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2 min readJun 1


SOURCE: https://postimg.cc/MnKfZhGd

There once was a time, when only baller giga chad devs made teh big gainz.
A time wen 5 figure airdrops fell from the sky (hello UNI).
Those days are over. Or are they…?

You are the dev now.

💾 Dev just found floppy disk in his office 💾

Code audited and confirmed that it will release 3 HonorDrops.

  • $30,000 of $HONOR at $3 M MarketCap
  • $100,000 of $HONOR at $10 M MarketCap
  • $1,000,000 of $HONOR at $100 M MarketCap

HonorDrops to all Honorable Holders:

  • * HonorDrops deploy wen HONOR MarketCap hits each level.
  • ** To receive HonorDrop, you must hold 100M+ HONOR.

Now the time has come to ask:

How much HONOR do you have?

Join the Devs:




P.S. To assist all devs with the No Sell Button and HonorDrop, lead devs are installing an HonorLocker in the office. Photographer dev is getting his camera ready. A picture speaks a thousand words.