Hayyak, a new way to asses your event

Hayyak (http://www.hayyak.qa/) is a system designed to help event organizers to keep track of their visitors. In this system a person can register a new visitors and also check-in the visitors who have already registered online. This system

works with an RFID badge which the visitors can choose to either print themselves or get it from the organizers.

When the guest checks-in, this system will track his or her activity through out the event, such as posting photos, buying or using credits etc. This system also has a analysis page, where an organizer can easily see how well the event is going.

On the home page there is a graph showing over all activity happening inside the event. User can obtain singular graph by clicking on option such as activities, checkin and credit. On top of the homepage there are data provided visually so that the user can easily read the information provided. There are two call to action buttons on the sticky navigation, ‘Register new visitor’ and ‘Checkin visitor’, which are the two most important functionality of the web app.

After scrolling down there is a detailed information section which provides the user with the time and activity.

New visitors can be registered using the two button provided on the top and the left of the web app. When the visitor is registered after providing information further actions can be taken such as printing the pass, registering new users etc.

A user can be easily checked-in either by scanning their badge or by providing their information.

A visitor can be checked in and out, and while the process, the user will be able to see number people who are checked in about how many are in the queue. The user can change checkpoints to view different queues.

In this section user will be able to view all the activities taking place. It will also show entire detail of the person. The user can also choose to search for a particular visitor’s activity by providing his or her information.

In this section the user can use their credits to perform activities inside the event. If they want to watch a movie or play a game, they can use their badge to do it. They can easily buy tickets or a product just by scanning their badge.

If visitors run out of credits, they also have an option of refilling their badges for further activities. The color of the refill and cashier are different thought the activities are similar. This helps the user to differentiate between them.

Analysis is one of the most important feature of the web app, in this section the user can see all the activities in numbers. These numbers are also translated into information by bar charts and pi graphs. The even organizer will be able to asses the success of the event in real time. They will able to make any required changes to improve the experience of the event by getting the user feedback through this section.

Users can also put a tracking number on a visitor to check his or her activity. They can edit their information or delete the tracking if desired.

This system also provides them with a staff list where they can get all the necessary information about their staff and edit their information if necessary.

This feature allows the user to import data manually from different sources and also edit them needed.

This product is already in the market, a demo can be requested on this website: http://hayyak.qa/

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