Helping people find the best healthcare practitioner in the country.

Meddy ( is a startup in Qatar focused on helping people find great doctors in Qatar. Our aim is to help you make informed health decisions based on knowledge, not chance. Meddy measures healthcare in Qatar through metrics like clinic locations, doctor profiles, doctor reviews and waiting times. The latter two are user-generated, relying on consumers to rank and review doctors they’ve visited, and estimate waiting times for various clinics that do not schedule appointments. Additionally, clinic locations are synced with Google Maps for easier access.

Healthcare still remains a big issue in Qatar and in GCC. One of the primary reasons is lack of access to relevant healthcare information. Many times users struggle to find a great doctor who is praised by several people in Qatar or find trouble navigating to a doctor’s clinic location or knowing doctors’ educational and medical background or knowing how long will user have to wait at the clinic before seeing the doctor.

Meddy is here to solve all those problems. It provides the following features:

Doctor Profiles: You can find all the information about a doctor such as his/her picture, specialization, scope of practise, educational background, languages he/she speaks etc.

Clinic Locations: You can find Google Map clinic locations of listed doctors and also use your smartphone to conveniently navigate to the clinic.

Doctor Reviews: You can find what other people think about a particular doctor based on their comments and likes/dislikes. Based on that you can decide if you want to see a particular doctor or not. You can also post your review sharing your personal experience visiting the doctor and help others learn from it.

Waiting Times: You can also see how long on average would it take to wait at the clinic before you see a doctor, to help you plan ahead.

We have added new features as well this year, where users can book an appointment online with the doctors. They will get a confirmation call from the clinic. Users can also search for hospital and doctors based on the kind of insurance they have.

I created an illustration on the homepage to portray that this is completely customized to Qatar and it makes the website more interactive. our first viewport is completely focused on the search functionality, we want out user to search for doctors as soon as they enter the page. In the second viewport we have most frequently visited or searched departments.

When the user selects a department he or she will land on this page. Users can search for more than one category to get the exact match they want. On the right we have advertisements for clinics and doctors. Doctors can also choose to use our online booking service, and we will showcase that feature on their profile card.

After selecting a doctor, users can view their profile and get all the necessary credentials. We have reviews on the doctor from their past clients and also a professional statement from the doctor himself. Users can view their educational background and languages they speak, which is very important in a diverse country like Qatar. We also have a map linked to their profile so that users can easily find their location.

We also have a profile page for clinics. Users can visit this page and look for doctors in particular clinics. We have all the services listed down and also heir location on the page.

Sales page for doctors

Mobile version of the website