My Web Design Projects

I initially started my design career as a web designer, working part time and as a freelancer. Over the years I worked on multiple web projects in different countries and domains. Below are some of the examples.

Virtual Tour

Atelier 101 is a digital service company, which specialize in web development/ design, interactive exhibits and cutting edge technology for client’s need. One of the digital services is 360 virtual tour websites where clients with physical space such as real estate, museums, parks and universities can showcase their space or give users a virtual tour of the place.

This will help them give users a sense of what they should be expecting. Organizations can now showcase their space without having to bring their clients physically to the place. On the Homepage of the website, the users can enjoy virtual tour of the beautiful West-bay of Doha, followed by some information about virtual tour and why they should use it.


This website is created to promote sustainable approach to engineering, construction and operations. This is a client based website where I followed their design guideline and theme.

Dance Express

DanceExpress ( is the leading company for the travel industry of all dancers around the globe. This website is designed to help people find the right package to have a smoother and fun journey to success.

I work as the Lead Technical Manager. I designed and developed the entire website and managed it. I am involved with variety of marketing and strategic decision making process as well. Working with people different than me helps me understand cultural impact on technical products and how to manage and improve them.

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