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Issue #99: A weekly update on responsible investment.
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\\ Weekly Insights \\

Over the last 4 months, the Nossa Data team has been working closely with ShareAction’s Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) and hundreds of corporate responders and individuals to collect key data points on workforce topics. Why? Investors are asking for it!

The initiative’s response period officially ended last Friday so to celebrate the end of the 2021 response period our team conducted a Q&A with the WDI team about what exactly this initiative that counts many of the world’s largest corporations as repondersn is. I’ve summarised the article below:

How did the WDI get started: In 2016, ShareAction were talking to investors and asking them to speak to companies about the possibility of paying the living wage. Investors wanted to dig deeper into that particular however the information currently provided in company reports was not enough. They needed better data. ShareAction sat down with stakeholders to create a survey that would provide investors with all the data they needed on such topics.

How does the WDI compare to other ESG frameworks on the market? The WDI is focused on improving the quality and quantity of corporate workforce information. It has a few unique attributes in order to achieve this:

  • It is sector agnostic.
  • It covers multiple verticals including direct operations and supply chain.
  • Data gets submitted directly to the investor signatories.
  • WDI dives into significant details on each individual topic.

How do investors use this data? WDI data is used by inventors before going into specific ESG meetings. For example, Achmea is a signatory, and they use the living wage data when they’re talking specifically to garment and retail companies. Achmea are interested in wage levels that those types of companies pay but are also interested in the ‘Worker Engagement’ questions when they’re talking to hospitality companies.

Nossa Data is proud to support the WDI and looks forward to watching more and more companies respond in the years to come. If any subscribers know of any other emerging ESG initiatives focused on specific topics, please reply as I am looking at creating a master list for corporates.

\\ Nossa News \\

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I loved speaking alongside other FinTech leaders on collaborating with corporates. Listen to our full episode here.

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\\ Top Stories \\

11 CFO tips for riding the rising tide in ESG activism

  1. Pick an ESG Framework (or two)
  2. Prepare to collect new categories of data
  3. Make the most of software
  4. Recruit ESG know-how
  5. Link compensation to ESG performance
  6. Subject ESG commitments ot external review
  7. Prepare talking points
  8. Don’t react to only your loudest shareholders
  9. Be careful what you disclose
  10. Prepare a detailed “break-the-glass” emergency plan
  11. Sustain profit growth

CFO Dive.

ESG trends: improving and standardizing disclosure
Companies are continuously refining approaches to corporate disclosures in the areas of energy use, human rights protection and environmental stewardship. Increasingly, corporate websites, shareholder reports and reports to regulatory bodies are including more than just a passing reference to company performance in the environmental and human capital space. These disclosures now often include data and details such as graphs on air emissions, including greenhouse gas calculations, and energy use trends; inventories of environmental releases; results of employee quality of life surveys; summaries of charitable and educational investments, and even case studies on partnerships and collaborations with neighboring fenceline communities.

As the world gathers for COP26, here’s how leaders can dispel ESG confusion
As COP26 approaches, both industry and government will seek to best prepare their proposals to address the climate crisis. At the same time, confusion and fragmentation have grown on how to evaluate environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies, how to compare them and even what constitutes a sustainable investment in the first place. This topic has gained significant attention from investors, policymakers and society more widely in recent months amid concerns over greenwashing and the ability to meet the ambitions of the Paris climate accords. Governments have a key role to play in standardising the methodologies that businesses use to set targets. Working with the private sector, it is key that the following gaps be bridged to truly maximise the potential of ESG policies.
World Economic Forum.

The №1 ESG challenge organizations face: data

  • Integration of ongoing, real-time data is key to meeting ESG commitments.
  • Just 9% of surveyed companies are actively using software that supports data collection, analysis and reporting on ESG.
  • Corporations can develop a strong ESG program underpinned by data — here’s how.

Reporting on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and adhering to disclosure requirements is a key sign — to regulators, to investors, to your peers and competitors — that your business takes its ESG commitments seriously.
World Economic Forum.

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\\ Report Highlight \\

The Economic Realities of ESG


Investors prize clarity about the initiatives companies are undertaking, the reporting they are doing — and the returns they will generate.

Investors’ focus on companies’ ESG-related commitments and actions in recent years has brought reporting into the spotlight. Investors are using companies’ sustainability reports and setting up investing screens based on benchmarks that track everything from emissions levels to human rights to diversity in the boardroom.

What ESG Issues do Investors Most Care About?

What are the 2022 ESG priorities?

  1. Harness the power of the C-Suite: ESG should be embedded in corporate strategy.
  2. Think holistically about your ESG story: Investors use annual reports, sustainability reports and investor presentations to understand how a company addresses ESG issues.
  3. Drive towards common standards, more transparency and more reliability: TL;DR — a single standard will help everyone!

Read the report.

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