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To organize all the World’s Learning Opportunities (in Design, Technology, Data Science, Business) in one place.

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  1. To create a visible Map of ‘Education opportunities’ (like Uber cars) around you.
  2. To turn every space into a classroom.
  3. To create a smart recommendations system and a personalized, autonomous, episodic, asynchronous individual Learning Pathway.
  4. To create an (honest) rating & review system of every course, school, teacher, bootcamp before investing time and money.

List, add, write, register, promote your Design, Technology, and Innovation event, course, mentor, speaker, teacher, event producer, college, video, company, school, bootcamp, podcast episode.

Over the years we heard a lot of talks and a lot of predictions about the “Future of Education”.

But… like many other real social transformative changes, I believe that 99% of these predictions are wrong or very incomplete about how they will actually happen.

However, I definitely think that this transformation (future) is very very close…

Yet for the past 10 years working in Education, I saw very promising and “futuristic” speeches. But the delivery is all of the same: Just more and more content, more classes, more material.

The same things with the same results.

As a comparison, we didn't change mobility (eg Uber, Lift, etc) through ride-railing creating more vehicles or car models. We did it by (re)organizing data and relocating resources (cars) in a new paradigm to solve an asymmetry — that we didn't know existed. And today is beyond obvious.

Yes, we definitely need more content, more classes, more schools around the world. Especially thinking that's a privilege in many places around the World.

But we can go beyond.

Maps & Data

I always loved maps.
And I also love connecting dots.

In these 10 years creating courses, events, workshops, methodologies, and systems, my vision was always focused on data. In connecting those dots.

To connect unconventional dots like geo-analytics & culture for example.
To envision a New System.

To facilitate discovery, search, connections, and access:

To go beyond geo-analytics in Education. To establish an understanding and relationship between urbanism, methodology, geography, spaces (e.g. The Colearning Space), environment, norms, habits, culture, and many other “subjective” and implicit factors that are usually neglected in Formal, non-formal, informal and incidental Education Systems.

To reorganize data and relocate resources in a new paradigm to solve an asymmetry — that we don't know exists.

A visual example (GIF above): Morphocode beautifully used data to create an interactive map, called Urban Layers, a tool to explore the structure of Manhattan’s urban fabric, discover how the beginning of the 20th century marked the island’s urban environment, and explore the distribution of building activity over the last decades.

I want to measure, organize, to change the way we discover, connect, assess, find, and decide about such a crucial aspect of our lives — our Education.

To map and understand resources, opportunities, movement, scenarios, context, divisions to facilitate discovery, search, connections, and access.

To act it on.

Mapping (again)

In 2013 I started mapping Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship events.

Today you can list Events, Courses, Colleges, Videos, Companies, Schools, Bootcamps, Podcasts. You can also list yourself as a Mentor, Speaker, Teacher, and Event Producer.

In the Uber/ride-railing example, those are some of the “resources” to be reorganized and relocated.

With that:

  • To connect supply and demand, teacher and student, organizer and attendee;
  • Like Uber, you will see a map with all the opportunities around you and will be able to choose the right people, the right price, the right location for you;
  • To explore and understand the distribution of oportunities geographically;

“Who viewed this item also viewed”

With these “resources” we will soon be able to give you recommendations — like Amazon, Youtube, and Spotify—but for Education.

Recommendations of Courses, Colleges, Bootcamps, Events, Schools, Videos, Books, Podcasts, Mentors from multiple sources, from all over the world.

People, spaces, learnings, and tools that can help you get where you want and beyond — like Education should do.

To create your own path.
To create multiple paths to a yes.
Your learning journey.


“Innovation news” is a Hacker News (from Ycombinator) like tool ❤.

With no upvote/downvote dynamic, there are 49 total sources between Design, Technology, UX, Data Science, Futurism, and Business sources aggregated and updated by the hour.

Some sources (at the moment):

  • Youtube channels like AJ&Smart, The Futur, Flux, StatQuest, Krish Naik, Sentdex, Ania Kubów, Programming with Mosh, and more;
  • Websites e Blogs like Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF), UX Collective, OpenAI, Facebook Data Science, Spotify Design, Pew Research Center, and more;
  • Publications like Hacker Noon, Hacker News, freeCodeCamp, and more;

Also, there’s a job board in each area.

Initially with feeds from and RemoteOK, but I plan to integrate other sources.

Get involved

With this version officially launched on 07/15/2021 this is still beta, but already Global, with United States, India, England, Brazil, and Canada as the main users.

Of course, that is not all. There's so so much more to come, to be created, and to be perfected.

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Thanks for reading.



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