An Unexpected Love for Red Velvet Cake

His perspective on that rainy day

Chapter 3

“Busy as usual”, but what coffee shop isn’t during the weekday morning rush. I wait patiently and impatiently for my order to be announced. I find myself called to this new home of liquid endurance frequently, and ever since an unexpected rainy encounter several months back; a memory that presents itself every now and again. I can’t help but smile and cringe every time the thought resurfaces. “If only I had gathered enough courage a few moments earlier”, I sigh deeply as I continue to reminisce about that beautiful and head-slapping evening.

Nostalgia at the coffee shop

Adamant to get to my once frequent inner-city coffee shop for a slice of german chocolate cake, I discovered they had closed early due to some unforeseen electrical issues. You could imagine my disappointment as my mouth was drooling for something sweet. I have to admit, I have always been a fan of sweet creations, and the more decadent the better. Anyway, the early closure of a place that enabled my sweet addiction led me 3 blocks over to a new discovery and a caramel smile.

I remember that day so distinctly. I was disappointed about a simple piece of cake but instead discovered a love for red velvet and a view that would forever change my heart. A long flowing skirt with an array of colorful tiny flowers all housed in a royal blue background, and an orange round neck short-sleeved sweater accompanied by a gold necklace enhanced the view 2 tables over. She was beautiful, but I don’t think she knew how beautiful she truly was; at least in my eyes.

I was preparing to sit down and order, but I caught a glimpse of her staring at me while holding a red mug of emanating steam. I smiled without even realizing I had and she returned the smile with shyness, then shifted her gaze out the window. I couldn’t help but linger my eyes in her direction for a few moments longer admiring the attire and the individual wearing it. If not for the barista taking my order I may have forgotten why I was initially there.

After ordering, I began looking out the drizzle-filled window hoping to get lost in my thoughts while tuning into nature’s wonders. This is another one of my favorite things to do outside of indulging in sweet splendors. However, this particular day I was more captivated by the natural beauty holding the red mug. What was she staring at, and if not staring, then what was she thinking? Where did her mind trail off to that I could not catch another momentary glimpse of her face and know the color of her eyes? It was like I was unsuspectingly pulled into intrigue. My intermittent glances and rolling thoughts would not stop arousing. I haven’t been interested in the opposite sex with such intent in quite some time, so why now? Was the early closure of my familiar coffee shop a directional shift to bring me to this moment? Who knows.

She continued to watch the rain and sip what was in her porcelain mug. I’m assuming something creamy as a bit of whipped cream caught her nose. I smiled, as while yes it was funny, it was also innocently cute. Without a care in the world, she took a napkin and removed any trace of the creamy culprit, then continued staring contently as the rain build several rivers down the glass of the shop.

I had since finished a beautifully baked slice of red velvet cake and was finishing up my beverage of choice, “not bad for an alternative spot”, I thought. I watched the rain in between thoughts and caught subtle glimpses of a beautiful stranger. Her hair was tightly coiled and tapered short to compliment her baby round cheeks. She didn’t seem like a woman that displayed a “girly” demeanor but she had a class of her own, a bit of a unique aura and captivating all the same.

My thoughts wandered, but also I was contemplating if I should walk over and display interest. “Crap!”, I thought “How does one approach a woman these days?” I was seriously way out of the game and in an instant, my nerves shot to 100 degrees. My mind raced through every cavern trying to figure out the best approach. I thought about my younger days and how easy it was to approach a prospect. I was confident, smooth, and had the game locked, so what the hell was with me now? My overthinking began to morph into self-doubt and reasons why I should simply give up the thought of trying, but something else was pushing me through the resistance like I was meant to say something, anything! So I took a deep breath, raised my head from my now cold cup of indistinguishable brew, and looked over in her direction to find, that she was gone.


To be continued…

To read from the beginning of this story check out Nostalgia at the coffee shop and A sip of morning tea.

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Making your way through life alone is one thing, but to cross paths with someone who adds enhancement to your heart comes once in a lifetime. This story is about 2 individuals who through a caffeinated and nostalgic rainy day spark something unexpected. Could it be love?

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