Something that somebody said to me in the past couple of days!

How can I every repay you Anaggh for all that you have done for me?

In my current state of mind, it would have been easy to ask for a lot of things, services, whatever; but the only correct answer I could think of — ‘Someday there will be another, Gee, lost and needing help. It will then be your turn to help him, and if you do, your debt to me is paid in full; but if you do not, then I was nothing to you’ And all this was just a sham.

It has been praying on my mind, if this was the right decision? right communication? Would he honour the commitment? After a couple of sleepless nights, I confided to my sounding board, N; who agreed that the short term benefit may have been extremely lucrative, but she asked:

  1. Would your self respect allow you to accept it?
  2. Would it have constantly not preyed on your mind?

When I answered in the affirmative, I realised, at times the brain and heart are in sync and you end up giving the right answer without realising it.

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