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Essays: Approximately 500+ nostalgic words on any subject. Suggested prompts include: Focus on an object or sense that triggers a specific memory for you; a eulogy, but not nessarily for a person (ex: Eulogy for Straight Men); trips down memory lane, like going to see Spice Girls live; an expansion on a #tbt, like your Bat Mitzvah photo with Nicki Minaj; the best time you did [x]; the worst time you did [x]; something you wish you could forget.

Art: Accepting all doodles, comics, screen shots, home videos, your most embarrassing Snapchats, recently deleted photos, and memory maps of any shape and size.

Today In Nostalgia: On this day in history… Sweet Home Alabama hit theaters.

Yesterday: Literally tell us about what happened to you yesterday.

Flat Circle (Nietzsche dumbass, not a pizza): Side-by-side comparison of trends that are back. Why? What’s different and what’s the same?

Mad Old: People, places, and things you identify with that happened way before you were born.

What It Was Like: The Nostalgist podcast where two people (preferably of very different ages) talk about their different memories of the same event.

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