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Creating Vote-Friendly Workplaces

The right to vote in the United States is a precious one. This year, like so many election years past, Americans are tasked not just with exercising their right, but fulfilling their civic duty to shape our collective future. And right now, our decisions about the future feel like they hold more weight than ever before.

For many, exercising their right to vote may look a little different this year, and may present some extra challenges. No matter what voting looks like, the Nostos community believes that no one should have to choose between their paycheck and their vote. That’s why we’ve joined the movement at in ensuring that employees are supported and enabled to cast their ballots safely and successfully this season.

Nostos, along with several of our U.S.-based members, have committed to:
1. Publicizing and distributing company-wide voter information to staff, including information on how to register to vote by mail
2. Providing paid time off to vote both on and before Election Day

As best-in-class independent companies who work with world-class organizations, our members have the unique privilege of setting into motion forward-thinking policies and cultures that will empower employees for years to come. We’d like to thank the following Nostos members and partners for committing to being vote-friendly workplaces, with a special shout-out to Be Found Online for their longtime partnership with and for making us aware of the initiative.

Be Found Online

The Butler Bros



Red Comma Media

Soladay Olson

Straight Line Theory

True Stories


Zeus Jones

What’s your plan for supporting your employees’ right to vote? If you’re a voter-friendly workplace with voter-friendly policies, you can add your company to the list on




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