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20 years of Nostrum, 20 years of innovations and of healthy food

This month of May, the Spanish quick service restaurant chain Nostrum will turn 20. In order to celebrate the upcoming birthday with the Fan’s club members, Nostrum will give away 20 dishes to 20 different lucky fans every day during 20 days.

20 years ago, Nostrum was born in Barcelona with the concept of making customers eat like home and providing healthy food. Nostrum always makes all the dishes with ingredients of natural origin according to the principles of traditional cooking. They are free from preservatives, colorings or chemical additives. The dishes are of great diversity and accommodate different dietary requirements and preferences, such as hypocaloric, vegan, organic, mainstream and gourmet. The dishes include soups, salads, vegetables, pasta, rice, meat and fish.

Throughout the years, Nostrum has constantly developed its products and innovated its production processes. It has also grown the footprint internationally to France and Andorra, while sticking to its original business model: offering consumers ready-made meals comparable to those made at home. Nostrum’s growth has been based on continuous innovation, a franchise model and a fan’s club which will continue to lead the future growth. The development plans of Nostrum based on the tokenization of the company’s ecosystem with blockchain technology will revolutionize the QSR (quick service restaurant) sector and evolve the franchise model. 20 years is a milestone for Nostrum because it is a brand new start of another stage of expansion: with the aim of accelerating its international growth, bringing in a brand-new franchise model and applying cryptocurrency to the company’s ecosystem, Nostrum is conducting an ICO.

The ICO can be better guaranteed under an established company with long history. Since mature company with a long history has its brand as a guarantee and has clearer prevision for the future. Nostrum is exactly a company like this: a 20-year-old Brick and Mortar traditional streetside business with wide brand acknowledgement among consumers and well-structured development plan. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency that is planed to issue — MealToken is a utility token, which has a payment function within and limited to Nostrum ecosystem that grants owners access to certain Nostrum services and acts as a reward/incentive instrument under certain conditions. It is believed that when the company that issues the tokens grows, the value of the tokens will correlate with the value of the company. Therefore, Mealtoken would be a good opportunity for all the acquires.

At the moment, the private sale of the MealToken is open. If you are an experienced investor who is interested in a medium-long term investment, please don’t hesitate to contact with the MealToken team by email ( Be the first to know the latest news of MealToken by joining the Telegram group (@mealtoken) or check out the official website:



Nostrum will be the first QSR to create its own cryptocurrency and implement a cryptofranchise system

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