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Consensus 2018: What you have missed so far

Consensus 2018 in New York is well underway but far from done!

The three-day event held this year at the New York Hilton in Midtown NYC is hosted annually by the media and research company CoinDesk Inc. Here’s a run down of everything you’ve missed so far from the biggest yearly event in Blockchain.

The venue was fully packed with over 8,000 individuals in attendance this year, which is 100% more than the attendance back in 2015 .

At the first day of Consensus 2018, a common topic discussed was how companies should share their blockchains with other players in their fields to ensure that the chain remains trustworthy.

Consensus inaugural speech

Nem Foundation the creators of the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain platform providing payments, messaging, asset making and more were present and introduced a new product called the Catapult which is a fully featured blockchain engine powering private networks with unique smart contract plugins and is planned to roll out on the public network in late-2018.

Mealtoken ICO is planning to run on Ethereum blockchain but with innovations from NEM we aspire in future to migrate our token to NEM blockchain. Furthermore we aspire to create our future cryptofranchise system on the NEM blockchain.

According to a Deloitte survey previewed Tuesday during this week’s Consensus 2018 conference in New York, 39 percent of the more than 1,000 global companies surveyed are planning on investing $5 million or more on blockchain technologies in the next year.

These results represent “a good signal and sign that investment is going to blockchain and people are finding meaningful use cases,” says our CEO Quirze Salomó, who is present and met with various interested investors who asked him a lot of questions regarding our Mealtoken ICO and how franchising world is taking a turn of event in the cryptoworld .

In his meetings Mr. Salomó told the investors that cryptofranchise has the potential to completely revolutionize what’s across the border and that interested parties are welcome to participate in our Private Sale which is Live!.

Franchising is a widely understood model for retail food businesses. Many of the oldest and most successful retail food businesses in the world are franchises: Nostrum, thrive well in this sector hence the need to digitalize the system with the blockchain technology.

For years, outsiders labeled members of the cryptocurrency community as libertarian ‘oddballs’ attempting to take down the global financial system. This stereotype is far less true this year, as many institutional giants were present.

To get more information on our ongoing Private sale visit our website and contact us via email .Our telegram group is also active you can join us for more updates.



Nostrum will be the first QSR to create its own cryptocurrency and implement a cryptofranchise system

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