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Mealtoken events — Blockshow Europe 2018

As an event for showcasing the industry’s most groundbreaking solutions and bring businesses together with the Blockchain, the Blockshow events are getting each time more and more popular and influential in the industry. This time, on May 28th and 29th of 2018, the Blockshow Europe is helded in Berlin. Over 3000 attendees and 200 journalists will join this event. During these two days, they will be sharing their experience and exchanging their opinions over the blockchain technology.

Among them, there is Nostrum, a Spanish Quick Service Restaurant chain with more than 20 years of experience, is attending this major international event for the second time after Blockshow Barcelona in order to give the participants a better chance to understand more about the Cryptofranchise, Nostrum’s brand-new franchise platform on the blockchain.

Speaking of Cryptofranchise, the idea cannot be separated from MealToken, Nostrum’s own cryptocurrency, born in the aim of accelerating the international expansion and raising the brand awareness of Nostrum internationally, which will be used for the creative Cryptofranchise platform.

It is impossible to ignore the countless advantages that the blockchain technology has already given to our world, whether the wild known transparency and decentralization, or the reduced transaction cost and faster transaction settlements. Cryptofranchise is no exception: with the first implementation of MealToken, it will bring a revolution to the whole franchise sector.

Nostrum possesses already hundreds of establishments in Spain, Andorra, France, and will soon reach to Belgium and Switzerland and many other countries in the future. With the company’s tracks and solid base in the market, the viability of the project is guaranteed.

Quirze Salomó, founder and CEO of Nostrum, at Blockshow Berlin.

To gain more insight into the Crptofranchise and get first-hand practical knowledge of how MealToken will be implemented in the Cryptofranchise platform within the Nostrum’s ecosystem, please keep up with our team’s update on Twitter (@Mealtoken), Medium (@Mealtoken) or Telegram (@).

At the moment, the private sale of the MealToken is open. If you are an experienced investor who is interested in a medium-long term investment, please don’t hesitate to contact with the MealToken team by email ( Be the first to know the latest news of MealToken by joining the Telegram group (@MealToken) or check out the official website: (www.



Nostrum will be the first QSR to create its own cryptocurrency and implement a cryptofranchise system

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