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Mealtoken Social campaign: Collaboration with Deliveroo and Arrels foundation

Nostrum has reached and agreement with Deliveroo (one of the most important and rapidly growing distribution business) to help the “Arrels Foundation” during the Christmas holidays.

The Arrels foundation works hard to prevent any citizen from living in the streets of Barcelona. There are currently 3,600 people living on the streets, that have no access to shelter nor food. With this social campaign, we hope to raise awareness of this issue, offer food to those that needed the most, and inform people of the admirable task and dedication of the Arrels foundation.

The functioning of the Campaign will be the following:

  • Nostrum Fans will be able to donate MealTokens received from the Jackpot (a gamification strategy to Nostrum customers) to a Social Wallet on the Nostrum App. Watch how the jackpot works:
  • On Christmas eve, Nostrum will use all the tokens collected from Nostrum Fans to offer Christmas Meal to everyone in the Arrels Foundation
  • These meals will be distributed with the help of Deliveroo to all those people and families that need it the most.

Christmas is a time of happiness and celebration, and nobody should be deprived from that.



Nostrum will be the first QSR to create its own cryptocurrency and implement a cryptofranchise system

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