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The MealToken airdrop is live

Nostrum, the Spanish quick service restaurant chain with 20 years of history plans to launch its own cryptocurrency — MealToken through an ICO in order to accelerate the expansion of business and bring reformation to the traditional franchise model.

MealToken is an Ethereum blockchain-based utility token with a payment function within and limited to the Nostrum tokenized ecosystem, which grants access to certain Nostrum services and acts as a reward/incentive instrument under certain conditions.

As we all know about the cryptocurrency, the value of the token will correlate with the value of the company when the business of the company grows, especially when it is a utility token. Therefore, it’s a mutually beneficial medium for the token owners as well as for the company.

At the moment, Nostrum is going to do an AIRDROP of MealTokens. A total number of 120.000 MealTokens will be dropped during 14 days from may 17th to may 31th. Participants can earn 3€ worth of MealTokens (0,15€/ MealToken) by completing just two simple tasks and get even more MealTokens by inviting more friends!

The tasks to complete are:

  1. Join the Mealtoken official telegram group
  2. Join the twitter Mealtoken official account

Referral section on telegram: participants can invite their friends to the telegram group to receive extra tokens. For the referral section will be dropped 20.000 MealTokens.

How to participate:

Bounty0x is an experienced and trustworthy platform specialized in bounty and airdrop programs of ICOs which has surpasses 20.000 active community members (known as bounty hunters) and more than $6.000.000 in bounties.To participate in the MealToken Airdorp program, please sign up and log in on the Bounty0x and stay tuned to our official notice about the airdrop.

Resultat d'imatges de bounty0x

Airdrop link:

Airdrop referral link:

Sign up to be a bounty hunter and gain the MealTokens that you deserve!

Here are the rules and conditions to be noticed before you begin the ‘hunting’ so that you can obtain the MealTokens without problems.

  1. No spamming, trolling or abuse in the group or in the twitter account
  2. Discuss Airdrop on the main group of telegram is not permitted, or else will be disqualified.
  3. In case of token sale failure, the tokens will not be distributed, as the the company doesn’t raise the necessary funds during the private sale, the open sale or main sale is not able to be undertaken.
  4. The reward tokens will be distributed once the ICO has finished.
  5. To make sure that you get the MealTokens, participants should follow the telegram group and the MealToken official Twitter account at least until the end of the ICO.

At the moment, the private sale of the MealToken is open. If you are an experienced investor who is interested in a medium-long term investment, please don’t hesitate to contact with the MealToken team by email ( Be the first to know the latest news of MealToken by joining the Telegram group (@mealtoken) or check out the official website:

Questions regarding the airdrop can be addressed through:

Telegram Support Channel:

Email support



Nostrum will be the first QSR to create its own cryptocurrency and implement a cryptofranchise system

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