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Not A Victim

How to make love with your weighted blanket

I was deeply resistant to both purchasing and laying under twenty pounds of tiny glass beads.

imgur: fawlayer

Some part of me didn’t want to be okay on my own. I clung to wanting someone beside me to sleep. It became clear this resistance had something to teach me and I certainly needed to sleep better, so I forked out $120💚.

Here’s what I learned.

  • If you enjoy solo duvet cover wrangling, you’ll absolutely adore the additional challenge of an insert with the dead weight and agility of a 5'×7' sleeping cat
  • Just lay under it. Do it and breathe. It’s meaningless until you feel it.
  • If you can then feel your heart pounding in your stomach like you’ve never felt before, and you google this while huddled terrified of your impending dead body not being found for days under this cocoon, be comforted not by the utter lack of relevant search results, but by the projected autocompletes
  • Multiple covers = different sensations. I thought I would only want the sheet-style material, but bought one with a soft fuzzy cover that also has a nubby side. I also thought I would completely ignore the latter, but after daring to flip it…
  • Corollary: nubbies feel overwhelmingly touch-y sometimes. You can always go back!
    (discussed this with a friend who found the textured side could be sexually arousing, which is not necessarily what you might want in the moment…)
  • If you like being spooned on your side, try really bunching it up behind you for comfort, but…
  • IMHO, on your back is where the chill vibe is really at. I’m a lifetime side sleeper (who is like “CUDDLE ME!” for five minutes then “OK DONE NOW!”) but trying to shift to my back now that I am getting into the groove with this blanket and a memory foam topper
  • Be patient. Yes, it had more immediate impact on me the first couple of times, but it’s like a healthy drug that just takes 10–15 minutes to really help. It’s been a few weeks now and my brain is finally, slowly starting to associate getting into bed with a calm body state.

If you have difficulties sleeping, are struggling with depression or loneliness, or just want to try a new, calming sensation on your body… experimenting with a weighted blanket is highly recommended!

💚 = I only link to products that I have personally used & recommend, and will receive a small commission from your purchases with this icon. Thank you! 😊



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