Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival Fiasco May Get Him Burned!

One tent city to rule them all. Photo: Courtesy of AOL.com

Could you imagine being the lucky guy or gal who gets to go to the Bahamas for an exclusive weekend with some of the best stars in music entertaining you and your friends?

Blink 182, G.O.O.D Music, and Major Lazer were all expected to perform.

Some people paid up to $3,500 to get the VIP package for this Bahamanian excursion.

Ja Rule basically made a killing off of a bunch of people.

Crowds of people lined up under tents, though they were promised lodges. Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/MattHalfhill

Those who were promised elite lodges with the best amenities in the world drove up to discover that their thousands of dollars paid for tent encampments — some of the tents did not even have beds.

It gets worse. The food that they everyone eat was basically the equivalent of a soup kitchen meal.

Not exactly gourmet!

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/trev4President

Ja Rule summarized his expectations for the event clearly when he boasted in a toast, “To living like movie stars, partying like rock stars, and fucking like porn stars.”

However, the event played out more like a crowd of angry people isolated into an island refugee camp.

Rock stars? More like refugees!


There are many politically and socially charged narrations of this story, but can anyone defend this level of negligence and absolute fraud?

Oh, I haven’t mentioned the most important part of this story yet…

There was no music. Everyone was forced to turn around and get off of the Bahamas without seeing their favorite musical acts. The whole show was cancelled once everyone showed up.


Well, now Mr. Rule and his band of conspirators are facing a giant $100 million class action lawsuit.

G.O.O.D luck, Mr. Rule.

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