Rosanna Pansino takes the unicorn craze to the next level with this funfetti cake!

Ta-da! Magic.

WARNING: This content contains a whole lot of sugary sweetness and flavor. Be advised, you may suffer from extreme frosting shock.

Wow, the spring of 2017 may just be the season for unicorns, one of Western culture’s favorite mythical beings.

Unicorn frappuccinos came and landed in Starbucks around the country for about a week before they were zapped up by hordes of curious consumers. Since then, unicorn sweets have been all the rage.

Not sure if eating these unicorn heads will make you a magical being? Try one and find out.

Today, YouTube cooking guru Rosanna Pansino brought to us a delicious new take on the unicorn sweet craze.

The Unicorn Funfetti Cake! Oh my gosh, my lips are slavered. I can’t lie, my mind tells me that devouring a unicorn cake a day sounds like the best diet idea ever. It’s totally not really.

This may just ruin your life.

Rosanna gives us a step by step visual guide to bring your flavored unicorn fantasy to life. If you know how to bake a variety of cakes, then this may be easy for you.

“It’s a cake party, but we have to be gentle.”

There are several other recipes you can find off of Ro’s Nerdy Nummies Cookbook!

And there you have it, a deliciously magical unicorn funfetti cake.