The history of the world explained with vital aesthetic in 19 minutes.

So you’re on a planet. It’s big. Not the biggest but bigger than some of the others floating around out there in the big nasty void. There’s a lot of blue on this planet. Thank God, because without it there wouldn’t be any life.

The world explained in 20 minutes.

If you haven’t seen Bill Wurtz historical videos yet, then you’re missing out on some highly entertaining lectures.

So where does everything start? As Bill says, nowhere and everywhere at the same time except that time does not yet exist because nothing exists. Is that confusing? No wonder scientists keep studying this stuff.

Then suddenly there’s a gigantic boom and a whole lot of quantum mechanics occur that really intelligent people can barely understand. Days go by. Many many days go by. We’re talking your entire life multiplied by five or six hundred million.

Stars are born. Stars blow up and die. Nebula of space dust scatter around space taking the contents of universal creation across the expanse of this really big void. Space dust condenses into super hot mass and creates more stars.

It’s literally that cool.

One of the stars created by this space dust is the Sun. The Sun is big. It’s about 432, 288 miles across. It’s so big that you can see it from 93 million miles away.

Gravity is attracted to this mass. Debris gathers around the Sun and gradually forms giant rocks floating around in its orbit. One of those rocks orbits around in a really sweet spot not too far away to freeze into an ice rock and not too close to burn out into a barren doom planet.

Life at last!

Alright, well I’m just going to stop stealing this guy’s thunder, because that’s not cool and it certainly won’t help me get a date on Tinder.

Have a nice day, click the video below to learn how days were created and why we exist!