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not another diet
A program of self-discovery and weight mastery.

Is what you’re eating hijacking your brain?

Most of us have some understanding that processed and pre-made foods are designed to circumvent our natural satiation and hunger signals. What we don’t understand is how thoroughly we’ve conflated the compulsion to overeat with a food being ‘delicious’.

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Being unable to put something down or stay away from it…

Eleven years ago, I set about tackling a long out-of-reach goal. In the course of a year, I lost 50 pounds. I’ve now maintained this loss for over a decade. Less than 10% of dieters accomplish this goal past the five-year mark.

I did it without counting calories, eliminating any…

I don’t eat donuts, cookies made in a factory, candy bars, candy, corn chips, commercial orange juice, any commercially baked goods, sodas (including diet), energy drinks, and ‘snack food’.

There’s more but that’s a decent start.

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When I say I don’t eat these things, I mean never. This isn’t as…

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Adding the word ‘healthy’ is causing you to eat more sugar than you intended.

It’s increasingly difficult to make food choices that support a healthy weight because marketing has purposely created a murky food landscape. Your lizard brain wants sugar, and food companies want to give it to you but they know you’re trying to be ‘healthy’.

Now we’re told, you can have it…

“Your weight is a natural by-product of how you construct your life

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It’s natural to get on the scale and feel like your body is the problem (It’s also extremely lucrative for the diet industry).

It isn’t. You aren’t you in a vacuum.

You are living in a feedback loop…

I teach women their bodies are just fine. A new study proves it.

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Women have higher rates of obesity than men. The result is endless scrutiny of our bodies for the reasons why. A new study did just that and found that women are not more susceptible to weight gain simply by virtue of being female.

I’ll say it again, there’s nothing in…

Choose wisely.

Most people know that keeping weight off involves lifestyle changes (I’ve come to dislike the term because it sounds far too breezy to fully describe what’s actually needed) but still cling to the idea that losing weight and carrying on with that weight are separate stages.

They are not.

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It’s nearly impossible to talk about weight loss without showing before and after photos (look, it worked!).

Except, here’s the thing, I think they’re kind of bullshit.

I’ve felt pressure to display mine and resisted thus far. …

If the goal is temporary weight loss, pick one and grind.

People on a diet love to leave me comments about how well it’s going. My answer is nearly always the same. Yes, you can lose weight on a diet, including (but not limited to) food tracking a la Noom or Weight Watchers.

Then what?

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90% of people who lose weight…

It’s your self-care practices that need reevaluation, not your body. Let’s focus on that.

Midlife is a reckoning of sorts. Right when life gets a bit more stable and there’s a little more money in the bank, your body starts acting up. Hot flashes here, sleeplessness there. Some extra weight appears and it’s much harder to recover from a night out. …

not another diet

A program of self-discovery and weight mastery.

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