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This is an email from Not Another Diet, a newsletter by not another diet.

How confusing is losing weight? See if you can relate 🤷🏼‍♀️

I get it. It did to me too.

There were the endless streams of effortless diets (that left me bewildered about what to eat), weight-loss clothing (yes, I did that), equipment that was so excellent I’d absolutely never put it down (I put it down), calorie-counting apps (I resented almost immediately), and fitness memberships I’d be thrilled to keep using (I faded like a bad date).

Every new approach felt like I had to become this other version of myself to lose weight. Each time, I jumped in with gusto because I genuinely wanted something to work.

Inevitably, it didn’t. I couldn’t stick with it because it was unpleasant, painful, or strange (now I clearly understand why).

Maybe you can relate?

Evaluating all these solutions was incredibly difficult. How can you possibly know which one will be helpful, and why is this all so difficult anyway?!?

Here’s the thing, there isn’t one answer to weight loss. Enduring weight loss is as complex as the hundreds of decisions (and the thinking behind it) your life requires.


  • Advice like just move more and eat less is useless and insulting
  • Any product that doesn’t speak to multiple aspects of how you go about your life will always be at best, inadequate
  • You will feel bewildered and thrashed about until you address your life and thinking comprehensively
  • Asking you to do things unnatural to you will never, ever stick

“For the first time in my life, I’ve actually reached a weight goal. I can attribute that to Rebecca’s ideas on how to get healthy in a thoughtful manner. And, in a way that actually works.”

Weight loss is a practice. It’s skill-based. It’s unraveling bad thinking. It’s a roadmap to trusting yourself. It’s pursuing joyful movement and nourishment. It’s implementing smart strategies (and ditching willpower). Good weight-loss endures.

That’s what my new program teaches.

Sustainably. Thoughtfully. Holistically.

Do you imagine a life where you go about your day knowing how to care for your body, confident it can do what you ask of it and enjoying how it feels to get dressed? That’s what I’ve built this program to deliver.

🎉CAN I JUST SAY WOOHOO FOR ONE SECOND? I’m so excited to be able to tell you about it. This has been a decade in the making. Technology has finally made it possible for me to make what I had always envisioned. I can help you through this course or I come live with you for 9 weeks 😏 And while I guarantee you that we’d have fun, no one wants a 9-week houseguest…

Quite frankly, this program is better.

What I do is step-by-step walk you through your life. We dismantle bad thinking, and I teach you bit by bit the big ideas to achieve permanent weight loss and the sustainable ways to bring them into your life.

Week by week you create your lifetime system so you can be free from the anguish excess weight is bringing you.

Weight loss isn’t a fantasy where you step into an imaginary version of yourself that falls in love with fasting or Crossfit workouts (although who knows where this will all take you). It starts from where you are now. At your desk, in your kitchen, with your friends, in your neighborhood.

Just yesterday, I got an email from a soon-to-be client who confessed how she’d lost trust in herself through all these cycles of dieting. It was heartbreaking to hear.

Trust in yourself is one of the things we work on rebuilding. Not just because it sounds nice, but because you need it for lasting weight loss.

Let’s end the confusion.

I can help you if:

  • You are ready to acknowledge that dieting hasn’t ever worked and you’d like to set it down for good
  • You are open to new ideas (growth mindset)
  • You are more focused on long-term success than a quick-fix
  • You are ready to acknowledge how much you still want for your life
  • You’d like to deal with the shame

The not another diet! program is officially launched.

Much to my surprise, I’ve already started getting bookings for Discovery Calls. I’ve linked essential parts of my site below with loads of good information about what I’m doing. Go poke around, write down your questions, and (you know what to do 👇

Click here now and book your call.

Yours in optimism and good health,


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I build programs that produce lasting weight loss and lifelong well-being. My latest course simplifies real food cooking 🥑