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May I Introduce You To Your Kitchen?

My new course makes real food preparation easy and fun.

People assume that because my work is about long-term weight loss, food is something I suppress or hold at arm’s length.

I couldn’t be more misunderstood.

I adore food. I revel in it.

I also think it should support my well-being. These two ideas are only in opposition if you’ve lost touch with real food.

The only meaningful shortcut to good health is to eat food as close to its origins as possible and your kitchen is the best place to get it.

I’d like to tell you what your kitchen really is. It’s a refuge, a place where your accomplishments end up on a plate and in your body to keep you not just alive, but living well.

My new course is called Recipes Are For WeekendsThe easy way to make real food every day.

It’s based on the idea that I live by, your kitchen is a tool for well-being. I’d like to show you how that’s done.

It’s now open for pre-sell. Join us.

Rebecca, founder of not another diet



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Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas


I build programs that produce lasting weight loss and lifelong well-being. My latest course simplifies real food cooking 🥑