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You Might Never Love Working Out

But you can love exercise.

A few months ago I headed out for an evening walk. Most likely my second one that day. These days, I like to get outside and move as much as possible.

That wasn’t always the case. In high school, I was the girl who drug my feet in gym class. My teacher remarked I was out of shape. I replied I was out of condition, my shape was fine 😬.

All jokes aside, I somehow got the message that exercise was hard and therefore not for me. What a shame. I missed out on years of good sleep and fun adventures.

My latest piece teaches you some practical steps to falling in love with exercise.

That’s the real benefit of a consistent movement practice–a much better life. Forget good, better, best bodies. You only have one and it’s the vehicle for every good thing you want in life. Regular movement is one way you get good outcomes.”

My name is Rebecca Thomas and I specialize in tackling life’s thorny problems. Sugar and weight are but two.



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Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas

Founder, I build programs that produce lasting weight loss, lifelong well-being, and heal the relationship with your body.