Translating during the Pandemic: Takeaways from 2020

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Remote Translation Work in 2020

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Sourced from CSA Research, 2020

The Future of Translation

Considering these statistics, what will the future hold for translators in the coming year?

What we learnt at Jala

1. The importance of access to digital resources

2. Staying connected with the community

3. The importance of a good platform for the gig economy

What you can do to adapt

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1. Improve your online presence

Your portfolio is the first avenue for people to learn more about your work. If you haven’t, now is the time to resurrect and upgrade your profile to its former glory. Trim down your goals and reevaluate your areas of specialisation, target industries, focus and unique skills.

2. Make Machine Translation your friend

Machine Translation is here to stay, so why not get friendly with it? Your translation quality and speed can benefit clients who require critical work within a tight timeframe. Machine translation and CAT tools can act as your trusty assistant to streamline your translation process and improve your productivity. Find out more about resourceful translation tools here.

3. It’s never too late to learn

Diversifying your skills and focus may actually help you manage uncertain economic periods. Whether the pace is slow or you’re facing some downtime from work, use the extra hours to pick up a new skill — it may just help you decorate your resume to its prime. Learn new techniques of specialisation such as editing, proofreading, SEO, and marketing. Perhaps this is the perfect time to also learn how to use a new CAT tool! Find ways to enrich your career as well as your interest in translation.

4. Get involved with meaningful projects

Engage in meaningful projects and seek out opportunities that can expand your skills. Your unique skills will help differentiate your translation services from others. We recommend getting involved with meaningful projects that describe who you are and your principles as a translator. Your projects represent the kinds of work that you’re passionate about — and this may open you up to relevant work that aligns with your interests.

Embracing Change

The translation scene is transforming and evolving along with emerging digital tools, virtual events and global waves of changes we may not yet comprehend. At the same time, the shift to online work has offered inclusive ways to foster engagement with translators from all walks of life and is unlikely to dissipate in the foreseeable future.



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