Introducing “Not So Startup” Podcast

Rediscovering Business and Startup World

Not So Startup Podcast is a Short Recap of Entrepreneur life’s. Almost 2/3rd of the Entrepreneurs fail despite thousands of people start businesses and try their best to build a new business, something new.

This is an unique opportunity to sneak peak into this Entrepreneurs life. We have 5 questions to be answered in more or less 10 minutes(2 minutes each).

Questions :

  • How you realized that you were meant for Starting a Business or You were a free bird?
  • What do you Sell?
  • How do you Pay your Bills?
  • How do you keep yourself motivated on the Entrepreneurial Path?
  • Have you found your one core purpose behind Entrepreneurship?

The Podcast will be hosted on Sound-cloud. And will be shared daily or as per frequency.