Leveraging Global Workforce

(1) why companies will not be same again

We live in a world of free market in a border less free world. May be a trumpy mind say we can build walls or put restrictions on trade to keep things within our borders, unfortunately it is really impossible in current world. And when goods are digital goods, that means no such requirement of carrying from one place to another place, it will be always an open market.

Lets see where the world goes for shopping digital goods. If you divide digital goods you can find following things,

  • Learning materials i.e Books, contents, Courses or as such.
  • Building materials i.e Packaged source code, theme or designed themes, logos.
  • Shops who can build custom solutions for you from small scale to very large scale
  • And finally there are places like upwork, freelancer or other market places from there you can build a team of your own within very short time.

With modern communication tools and market places if you have great idea, some capital to invest and a relatively better business plan you can embark on your business plan in zero time or relatively in a very short time.

How much it will cost you to get started with the process ? Actually it depends but being a fan of lean startup I would suggest invest according to the response you receive. Set aside a budget for building a first prototype with an imperfect solution in a very short time, define your early adopters and spend not more than 1500 USD in building prototype and reaching your first few customers.

Then after that re-evaluate the process based on your success and failure metrics, may be you won’t even attract a single early adopter or a lot but don’t accept failure, just like Airbnb relaunched many times before their success.

Hey, I am Shihab, I run a product consultancy, we are distributed around the world. We help people to build SaaS prototypes, mobile apps to complex analytics solutions. Reach out if you are looking forward to jump-start on your world changing idea from today.

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