Lay down next to me
the dueling factions
of a bicameral-mind
in the space of tulips
reason round and
softly spoken aspects
make the process of
recognition a function
of me as you see me
in a synaptic mirror
makes me to you to them
as you are not my other
speaking of internal struggle
here the intifada has
ancestral awls and sullen
shoulders always will be
smooth as the raven’s claw
at war with all others
has come to be known as
a universal norm or more
as a normal way to
universalize extremities
here the other means
are solved and beaten
into the stuffsackofwords
left at home in spite of
the disappearance principle
where we have an invisible
hand and the five finger phalanx
employment in counter structure
the solvency of minds and
the option of ease has a course
or a facial feature repeated
between us we’ve dropped
the sense of me to you
and the masked ideograms
of expected gestures
made in the past presents
a future problem in terms
of an abstracted form
the decalogue never could
assume this spit of land
a crime we’ve yet to plan
and pen into command
the way that prophecy
has written itself
into our being a form
of contemporary transgression

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