Apparently, not having kids makes me a horrible person…

(Almost every time someone starts talking about their kids this conversation happens.)

Random Person: Do you have any kids?

Me: Nope

RP: Ah, one day you will…

Me: Nah

RP: Just give it time, you will change your mind.

Me: Yeah, I can’t have kids. Soooo… I don’t see that happening.

RP: (With a look of sadness) Oh, I’m sooo sorry to hear that.

Me: Its okay. I got fixed. (usually making a cutting scissors motion with my hand)

RP: (Now with a look somewhere between Disgust & Anger) Why would you do that!?!

Me: Well, because I’m kind of a selfish person and I can barely take care of myself.

RP: (Blank look with a bit of disbelief)

Me: On top of that the world is a pretty fucked up place.

RP: I can’t believe you did that, without having one.

(Usually the conversation trails off from there)

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