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If you made it here, I assume you just came from the About page. Which means you know how submitting to Notables may prove valuable to you. I also assume you already know what a Notable is. If any of this is unfamiliar to you… well, you should probably do something about that, eh?

Still with me? Awesome. Submitting to Notables is easy. The steps and requirements are outlined below.

Request to be a writer

Respond below with your @username [Example: mine is @Mercedes Veronica].

I’ll add you as a writer and reply to your comment letting you know you’ve been added.

While I strive to add writers as often as I can, you may be waiting a few days to a week before I can add you and reply.

Draft your story

While you wait, write up your story (or edit one you already published)

While an unpublished story is preferred, stories already published (but edited to the requirements below) will be accepted.

Use my Notable as a point of reference as you review the guidelines below.

Required items:

Title Format → You must use the following title: Notable Stories — [Your Profile Name]

  • Every word should be capitalized
  • Use the double hyphen [ — ]
  • Remember to highlight your title and select the big T

Subtitle Format → You must have a subtitle. It should reference how often you’ll be updating your Notable. If you don’t know what to say here, copy mine.

  • Subtitles should NOT contain punctuation
  • Remember to highlight your subtitle and select the little T
  • Choose a schedule for updating your Notable. For now, I update mine randomly. But you may prefer a set schedule (like weekly or monthly). Whatever works for you.

Body Structure & Format → This is where things get more specific. Read carefully. Refer to my Notable or those published here for examples and inspiration.

  • For the main 3 categories (called Popular Stories, Favorite Stories, and Honorable Mentions in mine) be sure to: (a) Subtitle your category names (by using little T); (b) Italicize a brief description of the category below each name; and (c) List no more than 3–5 titles under each category. Note: It’s okay if you don’t yet have that many titles for a category. Put a placeholder where a title will go by writing ‘TK’ which stands for ‘to come’ (you’ll see yellow TKs on the left-hand side of your Notable).
  • The first category (required) should reflect your most successful/viewed/popular/top stories (how you determine which ones qualify is solely up to you). Note: You do not have to call this section “Popular stories” as I did. Feel free to customize it to your preferences.
  • The second category (called “Favorite stories” in mine but you can name it something similar) is optional. Should you include it, it should reflect stories you’re most proud of. They can be a top story or a past top story. They can be stories that don’t have the best track record but you’re proud of it anyway. They can have sentimental value. Or they can show off a skill and/or another facet of your creativity. Use it how you most prefer.
  • The third category is “Honorable Mentions” and is also optional. It’s a space meant for the stories that are still worth mentioning but couldn’t be included in either of the previous categories.
  • If you opt to not have the second or third category (or both) feel free to expand your Popular stories beyond 5. Just remember to keep the list reasonable for the reader.

Need more categories or sections? Get creative after this point. Below are things I plan to add to my Notable in the future.

You can put in a small section that is sorted by topic and/or publication name that samples work that has been curated or general topics you write under. You can also include an “Overflows” category for the titles that hurt too much to remove from your Notable when you’re updating it.

Note: We are not including every story we’ve written, nor every tag/theme/publication we write under. So refrain from overwhelming the reader by going overboard. Keep things short and bring attention to only your most worthy.

Miscellaneous Items → (a) Intros and closings are not required but feel free to include either or both (b) Including at least one (featured) image is strongly preferred, but your submission won’t be rejected if there isn’t one. (e) Feel free to embed no more than 1- 2 articles at the end of your Notable, though this isn’t required. (f) Lastly — and this is required — titles should be linked and not embedded.


Once you become a writer for Notables, there is no rush to publish your draft. You can wait until whenever you feel it’s ready. However, there are some additional requirements to adhere to before you publish it. (1) You must tag your story with “Notable”. Any other tags you include (like “About Me”) are optional. (2) Putting your Notable behind a paywall is entirely up to you (though it’s recommended). (3) Make sure it has been edited and proofed. Notables should be polished, showing off your best self.

Tips for you Pin your Notable | Write for About Me Stories and Pin it | Un-pin and Re-pin so Pinned Stories Appear in Preferred Order

When able, we’ll approve submissions. When we do, you’ll receive a private note informing you it’s been published (so make sure your settings allow for private notes). Approval could take longer than adding you as a writer. We don’t want to flood the feed with too many Notables at once (or in short succession). We want writers to get a fair-ish chance at visibility. So depending on volume, it could be a bit before it’s approved.

Rarely will we make edits to your Notable. More often than not, it’ll be approved as is (minor flaws and all). However, if edits are made, they will be minor and likely done without your prior knowledge. Also, do not delete or unlist your Notable without good reason.

If any large edits are needed or any requirements aren’t met, your submission will be rejected without explanation. Should this happen to you, review the submission guidelines again and triple-check your Notable hits every check box. You can then re-submit your new and improved Notable for approval.

One last, but important, thing: writers can only write for us once. Should this restriction ever change, a call for submissions will be posted.

Your submission of your Notable reflects your agreement to these terms.

Whew. That was a lot. But it’s finally over.

I am absolutely looking forward to publishing your work and helping you obtain some growth, visibility, and connections.

— xoxo, Mercedes ❤

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